To be a preeminent, student-centered division that inspires and prepares students for a life of learning, leadership, service, and citizenship in a global society.


In support of the Texas A&M University mission, the Division of Student Affairs contributes to student learning and development. We provide exceptional services, facilities, and programs that promote student success, embody the Aggie spirit, and foster a diverse and inclusive campus community to deepen the understanding and individual application of the Aggie core values – Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect, and Selfless Service.


The Division of Student Affairs continuously aligns itself with the university mission and priorities. In conjunction with the Aggie Core Values, the division uses these commitments to guide our practice.

We are committed to being innovative, efficient and effective stewards of our financial, physical, technological, and personnel resources. We are committed to making student-centered, data informed, knowledge driven decisions. A commitment to responsibility also means a commitment to fulfilling our mission through intentional, collegial and ethical practices.

We are committed to promoting and supporting holistic areas of wellbeing including physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual.


We are committed to lifelong learning and providing opportunities to reflect on individual knowledge of character, abilities, and beliefs.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to cultivating a campus environment where people from all backgrounds and experiences can thrive. We build and model a welcoming environment that promotes a deeper understanding of identities of an increasingly diverse population.


Students learn both in and out of the classroom. Our programs, services, and experiences provide co-curricular opportunities for students to make progress toward achieving the Texas A&M Student Learning Outcomes, to integrate their learning as well as prepare for a lifetime of learning and development.

To accomplish that goal, the Division of Student Affairs will:

a. Increase the number of opportunities for students to engage in high-impact, transformational learning experiences in the Division

b. Enhance partnerships with faculty and other stakeholders to promote integrative learning

c. Provide innovative programs, services, activities, and facilities that meet the needs of an increasingly diverse student population

The university is committed to enrolling, retaining/persisting, and graduating students in a timely manner prepared to perform exceptionally in their chosen field impacting the state of Texas, nation, and the world. To assist in this endeavor, we provide academic and personal resources to help students be academically successful and highly sought after by employers and graduate and professional schools.

To accomplish that goal, the Division of Student Affairs will:

a. Create new or expand current programs, processes, and practices that promote student success

b. Design programs and services that equip students with the skills and competencies desired by employers and ensure they are highly sought after for jobs and participation in significant areas upon graduation

The Division strives to create a climate in which students feel welcomed and valued.  In our effort to “develop leaders of character dedicated to serving the greater good”[1], we provide students with opportunities to engage with people different from themselves in order to prepare them for an increasingly diverse world, challenge and support students as they expand their horizons, and build on existing and develop new leadership skills and competencies.

To accomplish that goal, the Division of Student Affairs will:

a. Enhance, create, and foster environments and communities in which students find places to belong

b. Expand opportunities for students and staff to reflect on personal and multiple perspectives regarding difference, diversity, and inclusion

c. Create and enhance programs and services to reduce and effectively respond to bias-related incidents.

d. Create and enhance an on campus environment that promotes the freedom to inquire, to speak, to hear, and to examine all perspectives in the marketplace of ideas.

e. Foster positive leadership development experiences, grounded in emerging leadership and/or student development theories or models, which equip students with skills and competencies highly desired by employers

f. Establish The Maroon & White Leadership Fellows / Society as a prominent collaborative model for student leadership development at Texas A&M University

Students engage in learning experiences that integrate all aspects of their lives.  In order for students to be academically successful, they need to be in a positive, healthy, and secure environment. Because of our strong sense of care, we support students in making good decisions that contribute to their success.

To accomplish that goal, the Division of Student Affairs will:

a. Provide innovative training and programs to students on risk management

b. Provide innovative training, programs, and services to students on wellness

c. Using local, state, and federal guidance and evidence-based practices as a baseline, create and enhance programs and services aimed at changing the culture to reduce incidents of sexual harassment (including sexual violence), domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking

d. Using local, state, and federal guidance and evidence-based practices as a baseline, examine and enhance policies, processes, and procedures in response to incidents of sexual harassment (including sexual violence), domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking

e. Expand efforts to inform, educate, and reduce risk associated with hazing

f. Meet or exceed local, state, and federal mandates that support the student experience

As the landscape of higher education funding continues to evolve, the Division is dedicated to being good stewards of financial and human resources in order to serve students efficiently and effectively.  The Division will continue to explore new and innovative entrepreneurial approaches to finance initiatives.   The Division will continue efforts to maximize shared resources (technology, marketing, assessment, etc.) to provide departments with the tools, support, and resources needed to provide quality programs, facilities, activities, and services for students.

To accomplish that goal, the Division of Student Affairs will:

a. Design an effective and evolving staffing structure to meet the needs of the Division and departments, maximizing departmental impact and efficiency

b. Develop a facilities master plan for the Division of Student Affairs to accommodate the growing numbers of students

c. Create an annual process to identify anticipated technological solutions in order to prioritize technological resources that provide a differentiating position and add business value

d. Develop a division-wide development and fundraising plan to identify and obtain resources to accomplish division initiatives

e. Establish and strengthen the brand recognition and perception of the Division and departments

f. Identify and develop Division-wide assessment priorities that inform the University community about the student body and demonstrate the Division’s connection to institutional priorities

The Division staff serve as the foundation of our work with students. The staff in the Division are committed professionals who seek to support and enhance the learning and development of all Texas A&M students.  Collectively and individually, they are well known for their knowledge and expertise across campus and in the student affairs profession.  As our greatest resource, we invest in the people who work in the Division by providing support and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

To accomplish that goal, the Division of Student Affairs will:

a. Examine current practices and processes to develop strategies to enhance recruitment and retention of a highly qualified, diverse workforce

b. Train and develop staff to meet the evolving needs of an increasingly diverse student body

c. Support and devote resources for the development of staff to be leaders in their respective fields

d. Recognize the contributions of staff to the educational and student development mission of the university and the profession

e. Provide innovative training and programs to Division of Student Affairs staff on risk management, legal issues, and wellness