Student stories carry the power to change, challenge, and encourage us. The Texas A&M community is a united but diverse group of individuals–each with unique characteristics and life experiences. This digital campaign aims to celebrate our diversity and embrace our common core values. My Aggie Story exists for students to share about how their Texas A&M experience has impacted them. This project believes that Aggies share more than core values and telling stories can open doors to dialogue, connectivity, and inclusivity. We invite Texas A&M students to partner with us by sharing a story idea, submitting a creative digital audio/visual piece, or nominating a classmate who has a compelling tale or experience. Share your story of leadership, values, resiliency, legacy, or initiative. Whether it is a small triumph or a life-changing epiphany, it’s yours; your story contributes to the value and legacy of Texas A&M University. 

Submission Details

Everyone’s story is multifaceted, complex, and valuable. When considering how you want to tell your story, think about what you would want this campus to know about you: the parts of you that aren’t visible from the surface, the memories and aspects that could encourage meaningful dialogue.

We would also welcome submissions that specifically discuss the impact that the departments of the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) have had on your Aggie experience. DSA exists to promote student success; it does this by offering assistance in health and well-being as well as opportunities for professional and leadership development. We hope that as this project celebrates the students at Texas A&M University, it also brings awareness to the resources available to them.

If you’re unsure of where to start but want to participate, we would be glad to discuss different angles to approach storytelling. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Finally, watch some of our Aggie Stories for inspiration!

Select a digital medium that best communicates your message. It could be audio or video, include moving or still b-roll images, or  animation. The production doesn’t need to be of professional quality, video editing apps for your phone are sufficient. Here is a list of potential options for video editing software. The important aspect is to express yourself and your story creatively. Have fun!

  1. Your digital story should ideally be between two and three minutes long.
  2. Make sure you introduce yourself and that you close by saying, “I’m ___, and this is my Aggie story.”
  3. Submit your story by uploading your file(s) to the google form linked to ‘SUBMIT YOUR STORY HERE.’
  4. Once you have uploaded your story, the DSA marketing team will review your submission.

If you have questions, we’re only an email away.

All finished stories will be shared on the My Aggie Story webpage and on Division of Student Affairs social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram). We will also share your story with our colleagues who manage Texas A&M University’s social media channels.

Follow our accounts to see yours and others’ stories featured. When we tag you on social media, please share your story with family, friends, and colleagues!

We want to learn a little more about you before we publish your story, and the information on this form will help us assess the impact of our project. Please fill it out when you are ready to submit!


Have a Suggestion or Need Help?

Email suggestions or questions about your story to myaggiestory@tamu.edu