The division is committed to cultivating a campus environment where students from all backgrounds and experiences can thrive. We strive to create a climate where students feel welcomed and valued, and free to express your unique beliefs, customs, lifestyles and opinions. By providing you with opportunities to engage with a variety of people, the division prepares you to be successful in an increasingly diverse world.


The division is committed to promoting and supporting holistic areas of wellbeing including physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual health. For you to achieve academic success, you need a positive, constructive, and secure environment. Through our programs and services, the division creates a climate for you to make good decisions that contribute to your success.


The division has many opportunities for student involvement. Whether your focus is on politics, religion, service, leadership, the arts or academics, there are hundreds of student organizations, peer leadership programs, and international, cultural opportunities available.

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Part-time employment at Texas A&M is a great way for students to enhance knowledge on the inner workings of a large public university and gain hands-on work experience that ranges from residence advising in a dorm to being a lifeguard at the Student Recreation Center. The Division of Student Affairs provides hundreds of Aggie with engaging job opportunities that reinforce their education and apply directly to future professional careers.

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Whether in the classroom or serving others, at Texas A&M University we know that education occurs through a dimension of channels. The Division of Student Affairs is committed to lifelong learning and providing opportunities to reflect on individual knowledge of character, abilities, and beliefs. Our programs, services and organizations provide co-curricular opportunities for you to expand your educational experience and apply learned skills to achieve your goals.