DSA Professional Achievements

The Division of Student Affairs would like to recognize DSA staff with professional achievements earned over the past year (May 2018-present). Please complete the following online form to submit your achievements. Submissions will be included in a special issue of the Division update following the DSA Awards ceremony.


  • Must be a professional achievement related to your position.
  • Must have been earned from May 2018 through the present.
  • Please limit entries to five (5) per category.
  • All submitted achievements will be reviewed and approved for inclusion by the staff member’s director.
  • Achievements must be submitted in the correct format. Appropriate submission examples are included on the form. If achievements are not submitted correctly, they will not be included in the Division update.

If you list more than one achievement per category, please number them within each respective text box.

Submission form closed on April 5, 2019 at 5pm, CST.