The Battalion

Starting from left to right the people pictured are: Brad Sterling Morse Jr. '18, Angel Madison Franco '19, Cassie Stricker '19, Gracie Mock '18, Luke Henkhaus '20 'This organization is a family. We argue, we laugh, we succeed and fail; but at the end of the day I can honestly say they have my back. This place is [...]

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Collegiate Panhellenic Council

"Being a leader in the largest student organization on campus and being able to implement changes that impact a whole culture has taught me more than any classroom. My favorite part of Panhellenic is building up other women. I have changed as a person by becoming more compassionate and shifting my mindset from a [...]

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Memorial Student Center Student Conference on Latinx Affairs (MSC SCOLA)

I think it’s very common for people to assume that all Hispanics/Latinos are the same and have the exact same culture. It’s just so eye opening to see different backgrounds and variations of cultures come together to share their experiences and perspectives. Being able to say that you had something to do with that [...]

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Resiliency – What does it mean to you?

Listen to five Texas A&M University students tell their stories of resiliency. Podcast by Justin Romack of TAMU Disability Services Animation by Zack Hillard, TAMU Division of Student Affairs

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National Pan-Hellenic Council

This council has given me opportunities to do things like host programs, sit on advisory boards, organize events, work as part of a leadership team, and so much more. It has taught me a great deal about professionalism and planning, which are two leadership skills that will carry me through my education and career [...]

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INTRODUCING the Spectrum Living Learning Community

Beginning in fall 2018, the Spectrum Living Learning Community will give Texas A&M students the opportunity to surround themselves with Aggies connected to the autism population. Inclusive. Dynamic. Community. Understanding. Neurodiversity. All words used to describe the new Spectrum Learning Living Community (LLC), an innovative program that will launch [...]

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Khiem Pham ’18 – Student Spotlight

Industrial Distribution | Sugarland, Texas  | LessThanUThink Team Leader & Class Councils LessThanUThink (LTUT) In 2009 student teams competing in the American Advertising Federation's National Student Advertising Competition wanted to create an campaign that combats the nationwide issue of binge drinking on college campuses. The University of Alabama's team discovered that the [...]

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