Residential Housing Association

"As members of the Residential Housing Association (RHA), we are in a special position to advocate for the 12,000 students that live on campus. Through our advocating, we are specifically looking to hear the voices of the on-campus members and to either work to get in contact with University Leadership to see what can be [...]

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Aggie Orientation Leader Program (AOLP)

"In the Aggie Orientation Leader Program, you and your friends will made an impact on every single new student who comes to Texas A&M University. Whether you check them in, lead them in an insight group, or walk them to class, you will be part of an organization that interacts with hundreds of [...]

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ExCEL: Excellence Uniting Culture, Education & Leadership

"ExCEL helped me transition as a freshman by providing a source of motivation and introducing me to a network of black upperclassmen, as well as available resources and opportunities. Just knowing other African-Americans who had gone through the same struggles as a freshman gave me a sense of belonging and encouraged me to [...]

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Honoring Excellence on Campus

Residence Life Recognizes Faculty, Staff and Students for Academic and Leadership Excellence The Department of Residence Life recognized eight Texas A&M University students and their faculty and staff mentors during its inaugural Honoring Excellence Awards Ceremony, held on campus this semester. The award process recognizes on-campus students who have demonstrated academic [...]

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A MAP to Success for Student Veterans at Texas A&M University

Campus program assists with challenging military veteran-to-student transition. Newly admitted students at Texas A&M University face several challenges, such as deciding on coursework, establishing housing arrangements, managing finances, navigating College Station and the surrounding area, and developing new relationships. Today’s challenges can be especially demanding on military veterans, which is why [...]

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A Musical Escape

Dr. Timothy Rhea, director of music activities at Texas A&M University, celebrates 25 years of shaping student lives through the power of music. At the young age of 5, Dr. Timothy Rhea fondly remembers gliding his hands across the black-and-white keys of his piano as he performed a song [...]

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45 years of Selfless Service

Longtime employee finds a second family at Texas A&M University's student recreation center. With 45 years of service to Texas A&M University, Evelyn Dorsey has become a cherished part of hundreds of Aggie stories. As member services manager for the Department of Recreational Sports, she has perfected the art of customer [...]

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On a Mission to Shatter the Stigma

Texas A&M University’s new director of student counseling hopes to widen the campus lens on mental health. Mental illnesses affect 19 percent of the adult population, with more than 18 percent of those adults struggling with some type of anxiety disorder. However, only half of those affected receive treatment, often because of the [...]

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International Student Association

ISA is important to me because we are in this special position where we don’t cleave to one specific culture or group but rather exist to represent all the cultures that exist at Texas A&M. It’s challenging to have to coordinate with so many organizations, each with its unique identity and [...]

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