“While speaking up for what you stand for is one of the most fundamental responsibilities of a student senator, being able to listen and understand the reasoning for another person’s beliefs is almost a prerequisite. Spending up to four hours at a time in meetings, senators become comfortable listening to contrasting arguments and carefully thinking through opinions. Being able to listen and disagree with someone while still remaining friends is such a great lesson that the Senate teaches.”

Colton Mandel '21, Constituency Affairs Chair

Finance | Katy, Texas

“We are the voice of the student body. No other organization has the opportunity or honor of being elected to serve nearly 70,000 students at Texas A&M University or has the ability to advocate and propose changes that they want to see.”

Eric Mendoza '21, Legislative Affairs Chair
Student Senate

The Texas A&M University Student Senate represents all students in order to enhance the Texas A&M experience within our university and communities through research, legislation, and advocacy in accordance with the core values of our institution. We are the legislative branch of the Student Government Association. It’s primary purpose is to serve as the voice of the student body to Texas A&M Administration, and other entities concerned with the university. The Student Senate establishes student body policies through legislation that is later implemented by the student body president and his or her executive branch.

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Eric Mendoza, Colton Mandel, Mitch Parker, Mathew Walther, Ashali Chimata, Adel Quntar, Gilberto Rebolloso.

“This position has taught me how to listen, understand, and acknowledge opinions different than my own. It has challenged me to stand up for students in the face of adversity, but also to understand when to compromise for the betterment of all stakeholders. Speakership has enabled me to approach problems and conflicts with cautious, thorough, and creative solutions.”

Mitch Parker '19, Speaker of the Senate

Industrial Systems & Engineering | Flower Mound, Texas

“The Student Senate has given me the confidence to advocate for issues in which I believe even if they aren’t always popular. It has also given me a new love for this university and made me more aware of the sheer number of resources available to students. As a leader, I have had to learn how to better delegate work, empower my committee to pursue its passions, and to work closely with others who may not always agree with me.”

Ashali Chimata '19, Student Services Chair

International Studies | Coppell, Texas

Photo essay by Audrey Bratton ’15
Graphic Designer
Division of Student Affairs