“Working as part of a healthcare team at Student Health Services has given me the opportunity to learn and grow from other medical professionals and get a glimpse into what my future will look like as a physician assistant. Being able to apply what I have learned in the classroom to real-life medical situations has been an invaluable experience for me.”

Stephany Johnson '19, Student Worker Nursing Assistant

Biomedical Sciences | New Braunfels, Texas

3 student worker nursing assistants sit outside of the student health center and talk and laugh.

From left: Mitchell Moczygemba ’19, Stephany Johnson ’19, and Abigayle Kelly ’19

3 student worker nursing assistants leaning against the brick wall of the student health center.
Student Worker Nursing Assistants (SWANs)

The nursing services group at Texas A&M University Student Health Services (SHS) began a student worker nursing assistant program in 2013.  It is an attractive program for those who are looking for employment in a health care setting. The SHS nursing and medical staff teach students how to perform basic clinical skills in an ambulatory clinic setting. Students have opportunity to work with nursing staff and assist with patient care while learning clinical processes and professional customer service. In January 2018, it was named a high-impact program by the Division of Student Affairs.

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3 student worker nursing assistants standing on the steps in front of the Beutel Health Center.

“A few things I’ve learned from working as a student worker nursing assistant: 1. GET YOUR FLU SHOT! 2. Wash your hands! And use hand sanitizer! And when you think your hands are clean, go wash them again! But in all seriousness, I am forever grateful for the friends and experiences I have gained as student worker at Beutel. I have gained skills that will transfer over into my future profession as a physician assistant. I have also strengthened my communication skills, being able to work as a team efficiently, and gained tangible medical skills. Beutel will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Abigayle Kelly '19, Student Worker Nursing Assistant

Allied Health | Houston, Texas

3 student worker nursing assistants with their thumbs up showing their Aggie rings and smiling.

“Working as a student nursing assistant has taught me responsibility in the workplace and how to conduct myself in situations where patient privacy and comfort are the highest priority. It has afforded me the responsibility of direct patient contact and experience working side-by-side with healthcare providers and administrators.”

Mitchell Moczygemba '19, Student Worker Nursing Assistant

Microbiology/Business Administration | Seguin, Texas

Photo essay by Audrey Bratton ’15
Graphic Designer
Division of Student Affairs