Healthy students are ready to learn and fully engage in their Texas A&M experience. Our skilled professionals are prepared to manage a variety of conditions, from the common cold to a serious physical disability. A gift to support these essential services at Texas A&M is an investment in student success.

The Student Counseling HelpLine provides peer support, information, referrals, and crises assessment and intervention for Texas A&M students. It is staffed by 40 undergraduate and graduate student volunteers who are supervised by the professional staff of the Student Counseling Service. These student volunteers answer an average of 1,000 phone calls per year. They work overnight and 24 hours per day on weekends to ensure after-hours crisis intervention resources are available for all Aggies—because every life is worth saving.

NEED: HelpLine is not funded through the university; therefore, private support would ensure that it remains available in the future. Endowments of $25,000 each would allow HelpLine to recruit and retain student volunteers through grants for tuition and books, because these busy, committed workers often do not have the hours available to hold a part-time job. Funding would also be used to maintain strong leadership for the program.

Student Assistance Services connects students with the appropriate guidance, resources and support to address a variety of personal and academic matters. The education of a student with an otherwise promising future easily could be derailed by adversity, such as an apartment fire, the loss of a parent, health issues, or a natural disaster. Student Assistance Services provides Aggies the support and resources necessary to overcome adversity, persist to graduation and forever feel part of the Aggie family.

NEED: Private support is crucial to support Aggies in need during crisis situations. Endowments of $25,000 or more would ensure that a high-quality level of care is provided for every Aggie for years to come.

EMS is a campus-based emergency medical provider that responds to emergencies on the Texas A&M campus. EMS is comprised of more than 100 staff members and about 70 student staffers who serve as EMTs, paramedics and dispatchers.

NEED: The Emergency Care Team is a volunteer-based student organization within EMS that requires EMT-Basic certification, which is entry-level patient care. A $50,000 endowment would provide scholarships to these students to obtain EMT certification, which takes between 120-150 hours of training. A $125,000 endowment would provide scholarships for students to become paramedics, which typically takes between 6-12 months of training in advanced emergency care.

Study abroad has become an integral part of a student’s college education. Of the many travel plans one must make when visiting another country, medicine is an often overlooked but critical component. Suffering a preventable illness in a country where medical care is inconsistent with U.S. standards can easily turn a pleasant experience into a nightmare.

NEED: Texas A&M students bear the burden of all costs for immunizations and preventative therapies needed to remain healthy and disease-free in foreign countries. A robust travel medicine clinic could expand the programs of the Department of Student Health Services and educate the public about medical risks associated with international travel. Our goal is that no student, faculty or staff member ever pay more than $100 in medical costs to prepare for their international experience.

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