Texas A&M is committed to promoting and supporting holistic areas of wellbeing, including physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual health. Students achieve academic success through a positive, constructive, and secure environment. Your gift to support one or more programs or services in this area would help create a climate in which Texas A&M students make good decisions that contribute to their overall success.

In these residential clusters, students share academic or social and cultural interests and benefit from enhanced activities centered around a specific focus, with advisers who believe learning is an active and dynamic process that occurs inside and outside of the classroom. In general, students in Living Learning Programs have higher GPRs, increased retention rates, enhanced satisfaction and involvement, reduced participation in high-risk behaviors and higher four-year graduation rates.

NEED: A $1 million endowment for each Living Learning Program would provide funding for enhanced activities and excursions. Additional scholarship support would ensure that more students have the opportunity to participate regardless of their financial capacity.

Every new Aggie is given the opportunity to learn about Texas A&M and connect with peers in an environment best suited for them. Students leave our extended orientation programs newly ignited with the Aggie spirit and the tools necessary to successfully transition into college life. Studies have shown that retention of freshmen students correlates strongly with attendance at such programs, including Fish Camp, Venture Camp, T-Camp and Howdy Camp.

NEED: Although more than 700 “high-need” students applied for Fish Camp in 2016, only 400 scholarships were awarded. Endowed scholarships of $25,000 or more would allow equal access to all of our extended orientation programs, regardless of financial means.

More than 2,500 students participate in one of the 36 sport clubs offered through Recreational Sports. Students in sport clubs are directly responsible for all aspects of operating and managing a successful and competitive organization—including fundraising—which gives them the opportunity to develop both athletic and leadership skills.

NEED: Endowments of $500,000 for each Texas A&M sport club would allow students to travel to national championship competitions, purchase essential equipment, and recruit and reward high-achieving athletes.

Start Smart Salary Negotiation Workshops empower and encourage students to negotiate the salary they deserve. Hundreds of students have been trained to negotiate for a fair salary when starting their careers.

NEED: A $25,000 endowment would allow for a second annual workshop, while a $250,000 endowment would support six workshops annually, meeting the high demand for this popular topic.

Learn more about opportunities to help students reach their full potential through the Lead By Example campaign.