Student Spotlight – Hanah Romer

When Hanah Romer enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at age 18 she had originally planned to serve 4 years, however 10 years later Romer, a married mother of two children, was ready to leave her military life to pursue her passions and continue her education. Texas A&M University quickly topped the list of colleges she knew would be the best suited for her. “I am a non-traditional student in the sense that my husband is still an active duty Marine, I’m older than most students, as well as being a mother, and yet I feel at home here. The Division of Student Affairs’ Veteran Resource & Support Center (VRSC) offered me the resources I needed to succeed,” Romer said.

By offering personalized support to undergraduate and graduate students, the VRSC provides veterans with all the tools and resources they need to succeed as a Texas A&M Aggie. While most military veterans find difficulty in adjusting not only to civilian life, but a college environment, the VRSC strives to eliminate the overwhelming sense of isolation that can sometime occur. “I have such a passion for the VRSC,” Romer continues, “They connected me to the incredible Aggie Network while also helping me find time to balance my personal responsibilities with my scholarly ones.”

Through the VRSC’s various programs, veterans have the opportunity to not only connect with other veterans on campus but also learn how to translate their military skills into a beneficial civilian format. “Military life is very different from civilian life, but that doesn’t mean that my 10 years of experience in the Marine Corps have been wasted. I developed leadership, time management, and many other skills during my time in the military that have benefited me professionally and academically. The VRSC simply showed me how to translate those skills recognizable to civilian employers. The support I receive from the VRSC goes above and beyond anything my friends at other universities receive,” said Romer.

While the VRSC has greatly benefitted Romer, this Texas A&M Aggie has found her passion through her non-profit management and leadership degree program by focusing her efforts as a volunteer and mentor mom at Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach. The non-profit organization provides support to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies and the mentor mom volunteers develop emotionally supportive relationships with teen moms. Romer said, “I have found a supportive community at the VRSC, have had the opportunity to provide support with the teen moms I work with, and have been a part of a supportive community in the military. All of these experiences have led me to be the successful person I am today and hope to be able to offer to others in the future.”

Romer truly embodies the Aggie Core values through her selfless service as a military veteran and non-profit volunteer as well as her leadership in helping to provide an example to others that being a wife, mother, and student are all part of what makes every Aggie unique and valued.


Written By: Courtney Rhodes