As a junior International Studies major, Carling Repass first got involved in the Division of Student Affairs’ Memorial Student Center (MSC) Open House as a sophomore. “I was looking for opportunities to get involved on campus and to be a part of something that was at the heart of Texas A&M University,” Repass said. The Houston native found a great start in the MSC Hospitality committee, which runs the Open House event.

Open House is a student involvement event held twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring, that offers current students the opportunity to engage with over 400 organizations ranging from student clubs to community programs. As the largest student run event on campus, time and commitment are just a few of the skills needed to make this event a success.

Now, Repass currently serves as the Director for the 2016-2017 academic year. “The planning process for each open house starts about five months in advance and is pretty extensive. For me and the rest of my team it is important to have great communication especially with all the moving parts. We are responsible for creating the schedule, handing table registration, selling tickets, and organizing performances just to name a few,” Repass said.

While the event itself can be quite a daunting task, Repass finds joy in seeing all the students connect. “There is such a breadth of representation and it makes all the time and effort worthwhile to see students interacting and learning about programs and organizations they normally wouldn’t have or may not have known about,” said Repass.

Organizing an event of this size, while also being a student is a feat not many can achieve and that dedicated work ethic has not gone unnoticed. Jamie Arrexi, MSC Communications Coordinator said, “Carling is a shining example of the caliber of student involved in the MSC. Her tenacity and determination set her apart from her peers, making her the ideal student director for events such as Open House.”

Repass has gained and developed a great sense of leadership and responsibility through her time as director. “I wouldn’t change this experience for anything. It is very hard work, but I have learned more about myself than I thought possible. I have developed professional skills and a sense of pride in my work,” Repass said.

It is no great surprise that it takes a unique individual to balance the time commitment needed for this event and the rigors of academia, but Carling Repass has not only managed to do both, but to become a more refined professional in the process.


Written by: Courtney Rhodes