Student Health Services Partners with Southern Smash, Eating Recovery Center to “Smash” Negative Body Images

On Wednesday, October 18, Texas A&M University Student Health Services partnered with Southern Smash and the Eating Recovery Center to provide a scale smashing event for students. This event was hosted behind the A.P. Beutel Health Center and was intended to “smash” negative body images and provide resources for those who may be suffering from, or know someone who has, an eating disorder.

The scale smashing event encouraged students to “smash” negative body images

This event brings awareness to Texas A&M University students to share positive body image messages and most importantly encourage friends, roommates and

classmates to not let a number define who they are,” Meghan Windham, Student Health Services Registered Dietitian, said.
Students had the opportunity to visit various stations, including a “Let It Go” Balloon station in which students wrote their ideal body weight, height or other desired aspect on a card, tied the card to a balloon and “let it go.” A “Dare to Love Yourself” station allowed students to write something they love about themselves in order to promote positive body image. At the final station, the “Scale Tombstone & Graveyard,” students smashed a scale with a baseball bat to rid themselves of that perfect number and any anxiety related to it.

Windham finds events like this important to host at Texas A&M.

“As a Registered Dietitian, I see students on a daily basis all over campus who are struggling with their body image,” she said. “Disordered eating behaviors are seen among all types of students and the Scale Smash event allows many students to come together for one cause in loving their own body.”


Contact: Alyssa L. Barigian, Student Health Services Health Communications and Marketing Manager, 979-458-8308,


*Story Originally posted on Texas A&M Today