“As members of the Residential Housing Association (RHA), we are in a special position to advocate for the 12,000 students that live on campus. Through our advocating, we are specifically looking to hear the voices of the on-campus members and to either work to get in contact with University Leadership to see what can be done, or to figure out how to get them the answers they need.”

Lauren Pechon '18, President

Industrial Distribution Engineering | Grand Prairie, Texas

“Being a student leader is so much easier when you have a passion for what the organization that you’re representing is doing. So join whatever club, start meeting Aggies that have the same passion as you, and your drive for that passion will make you a natural leader.”

Bria Perkins '19 , National Communications Coordinator & President-elect

Computer Engineering | Houston, Texas

From left to right : Lauren Pechon, Lindsay Collins, Bria Perkins, Emma Cockrell, Gilberto Rebolloso

“Being a part of the Residential Housing Association has impacted me as being a leader, by making me a little more outgoing and has also helped me to ask for help when I need it, or even if I do not need it. I came into Texas A&M University thinking that I would just play video games in my dorm room and study and get a 4.0. Instead I am now an active student in the on campus community who is rarely in their room. If I am not outside in the courtyard of my dorm I am hanging out in the commons with Bria or our advisor Alee, or really anyone else on our executive board.”

Emma Cockrell '19 , Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Management Information Systems | Spring, Texas

“As a leader in this organization, you learn how to be proactive and not reactive. You realize not everything needs a reaction, and it’s best to do things with a purpose. Another thing I learned is, that you should take initiative when you want to do something rather than just waiting to be told what to do. With that you feel more accomplished and feel as if you are making a bigger impact on people. You need end goals with everything you are trying to accomplish, or else you might have all these things set out and won’t know how to finish them. Remember the goals you are working towards, and keep that same drive you had in the beginning all the way to the end.”

Gilberto Rebolloso '20, Vice President of Advocacy & Policy

Agricultural Leadership & Development | Weslaco, Texas

Residential Housing Association

The Texas A&M University Residential Housing Association (RHA) is a representative organization that empowers on-campus residents(12,000)  to play an active role in campus communities through service, educational and social programming, and leadership opportunities. In addition, RHA enacts change through legislation in partnership with campus administration, and faculty. RHA advocates on behalf of residents with the ultimate goal of making the campus of Texas A&M University a more united community.

The Texas A&M University Residential Housing Association (RHA) was started in 1972 as the Residence Hall Association, it was later changed to become more inclusive for our growing diverse ways of living on campus. Students who live on campus and are not a part of the Corps of Cadets are automatically members of the Residential Housing Association. We serve as an “umbrella organization” to Community Councils and other on-campus engagement organizations. As the umbrella organization, we provide financial support, developmental opportunities, and activities for all communities across campus. We believe in providing opportunities that challenge and supports all facets of its membership. In addition, we thrive on the diversity within its organization because of its known and experienced benefits. This means reaching beyond stereotypical views of individuals and using the strengths and different perspectives that each person offers as a result of his or her culture, religion, ethnicity, gender, race, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, and age. The executive team will reflect the individual diversity of the campus and will embrace the value that each individual brings to any task.

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Photos By: Zack Hillard ’20
DSA Digital Media Intern