gallery-jpg-homepage_fullWhen students think of Shakespeare, Texas A&M University may not be the first image that comes to mind, but the Division of Student Affairs’ University Art Galleries (UART) is striving to bring a wide range of art and culture exhibits to campus and the community. Located on the first and second floors of the Memorial Student Center (MSC), UART is comprised of the Forsyth Galleries and the J. Wayne Stark Galleries which offers students the opportunity to explore and interact with the arts in ways that provide an impactful visual experience. UART aims to become an accessible cultural destination, not only for the students of Texas A&M University, but also to the surrounding community. Amission is free and students are encouraged to visit the galleries and explore to look at the various collections, but to also use the spaces to study or engage with a variety of interactive exhibits.

record-jpg-homepage_fullThe Forsyth Galleries main collection is primarily comprised of late 19th and early 20th century glass and American paintings, there are currently several interactive exhibits that include listening to 1920’s jazz records on a record player and learning about the true stories behind the paintings in the permanent collection. The Stark Galleries’ collection focuses primarily on American art, with a strong emphasis on Texas art and artists, however UART does strive to bring international pieces to Texas A&M University that many students may not otherwise have the opportunity to see. The hugely successful First Folio! The Book that Gave Us Shakespeare exhibit is just one example of the incredible art experience the University Art Galleries strives to achieve.

Viewing and experiencing art and culture is just one goal for UART. Providing impactful visual art experiences also includes opportunities for hands-on activities, lectures, symposiums and cultural trips. On August 25th, 2016 the Forsyth Galleries and MSC’s James R. Reynold’s Student Art Gallery will be co-hosting a hands-on art opportunity for students and the local community. Participants are invited to weave a small square using reclaimed fabric to incorporate into a larger collaborative piece inspired by the art in the galleries.sitting-jpg-homepage_full

The University Art Galleries may be a quiet space at Texas A&M University, but it is making a loud impact on the importance of the arts in the lives of students. UART provides a safe comfor
table space for students to experience art for the first time or to explore areas of art that maybe foreign to others.

Please visit to see the various exhibitions, events and programming the University Art Galleries hosts throughout the year.


Written by: Courtney Rhodes