“PLSP is a family and a home. It’s a safe place for everyone. I have never met a group of students who have so quickly adapted to and grown so close to each other. Everyone joins the organization with plans to attain their own professional and personal goals, but there is also an incredible sense of community and family among our members. It can be a challenge to find a home in college, but this is a place where all first-generation students are welcomed with open arms.”

Ashwathi Nair '19, Executive Director of Mentorship

Biomedical Engineering | Houston, Texas

From left: Caylie Harris ’19, Ashwathi Nair ’19, Flor Garcia ’19, Kelsey Fortuna ’19, Monica Sanchez ’19, Madison Ryan ’19, Rebeca Alegria ’21

Peer Leadership & Service Program

Do you want to be a leader, but feel like you lack the confidence to step out of your comfort zone to lead?  Do you feel like you missed your opportunity to get involved, but you still want to embark on your leadership journey here at Texas A&M?

The Peer Leadership and Service Program (PLSP) serves as the bridge to get you there! It’s a program dedicated to providing fundamental training and skills needed to become an effective leader within the Texas A&M community. We hold weekly trainings, facilitate various presentations, and support the services and resources offered by the Leadership & Service Center. Our program offers peer mentorship, intentional leadership development, and opportunities to network and connect with student leaders across campus. You’ll get the opportunities to better understand your leadership style, practice the tangible skills of leadership and service, and explore leadership and service opportunities. We emphasize growth in confidence, public speaking, self-awareness, and leading teams. As a member of our program, you will work hand in hand with the Leadership and Service Center to promote leadership and service opportunities, facilitate presentations and workshops, and become more integrated in the hub of leadership at Texas A&M.

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“PLSP gives students a sense of belonging and acceptance. There is no wrong answer when it comes to self-development. It gives students the space to make mistakes and learn from them, while feeling accepted and appreciated for who they are. Individuality is valued as a great quality in leadership development. It is the only program available to first-generation students after their freshman year. We develop leadership skills and a heart for service throughout our college experience. PLSP is focused on serving students so that, in turn, students can become leaders who have the desire to keep learning and serving others.”

Monica Sanchez '19, Media & Marketing Director

Nutritional Sciences | Houston, Texas

“PLSP has given me a place to work on my professional skills and connected me with other students and faculty who are dedicated to empowering our program and its members to be the best it can be. This is important to me because I want future students to continue this program and grow from it like myself and others have done.”

Madison Ryan '19, Director of Service & Outreach

Political Science | Dallas, Texas

Photo essay by Corey Khanhkham ’20
Student Photographer and Videographer
Division of Student Affairs