OneLove: An Environmental and Social Justice Club

“When I first came to college, I felt like I was just a number among 60,000 people. I joined OneLove the second semester of my freshman year and I immediately felt like I had found my place in this university. OneLove became like a family to me. I was able to find like-minded people who were passionate about the same issues as me. Since taking on leadership roles in OneLove, I’ve learned a lot about not only myself but how to lead others as well. Getting people to be excited about community service isn’t the easiest thing to do. My co-chair and I had to work to create a culture where our members got excited about waking up at 7 a.m. to clean a stream on a Saturday or passing out tacos before the sun came up to migrant workers getting ready to start their work day. It may not always be easy, but it works because we are passionate about helping others and we have fun doing it together.”

Katherine Davies '19, Chair

Agribusiness | The Woodlands, Texas


OneLove is an environmental and social justice club that focuses on spreading love to others, its members, and the world. It is a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to finding and showing others the beauty in life through loving others, themselves, and the world around them. OneLove strives to help people weave a common thread of love throughout all aspects of their lives. They aspire to create a better society and to improve the overall quality of life through educating and demonstrating to others how to care for and respect people and the environment.

Three working committees help OneLove reach its goals: 1) In the social committee, members form tight-knit friendships that often survive beyond their years of active participation in the organization. 2) The environmental committee dedicates itself to education, active involvement in, and sustainable approaches to environmental issues. 3) The service committee identifies projects on campus and in the Brazos Valley area to show love firsthand.

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“I felt out of place at Texas A&M when I first arrived, but after I joined OneLove, I couldn’t wait for our Monday meetings. They had no idea who I was, but the members of OneLove immediately made me feel at home, and they were excited to learn more about my story. They welcome everyone this way! OneLove is about making the world a better place by improving ourselves, our relationships, and our community.”

Veronica Burgos '21 , Historian/ Social Media Officer

Meteorology | Algonquin, Illinois

“Being a part of OneLove has allowed me to come out of my shell and explore my passion for giving. The welcoming and open environment made me a more open-minded and accepting person who is conscious of social and environmental issues and how I can improve our world. By giving back and living a more sustainable lifestyle, I am moving toward being a better person. As a leader, I have the chance to make a bigger impact on campus and in our community.”

Daniela Tabilo '19, Co-Chair

Zoology | Caracas, Venezuela

Photos Essay by Athlyn Allen ’19
Marketing Intern
Division of Student Affairs