It is crucial to support new employees with comprehensive onboarding to ensure their success. For that reason, in addition to TAMU HR onboarding resources,(found at http://employees.tamu.edu/employees/onboarding/) some additional onboarding suggestions are provided that departments may choose to practice to ensure a more welcoming environment for new employees.

  • Have the new employee come in 10 days before their start date to fill out new hire paperwork. This way, email, computer access, required trainings, etc. will be available for use on the start date.
  • Compile a list of commonly used websites the new employee may utilize and bookmark. This will help them become familiar with different resources.
  • Give the individual a tour around the office, division, and/or campus.
  • Schedule 30 minute “get to know you” meetings with individuals in the office. This will allow the new employee to become acquainted with the roles of other individuals in the office and allow a few minutes to get to know their coworkers.
  • Accompany the new employee to go get a faculty ID and parking hangtag.
  • Take the new employee to lunch one day during the first week. This will give the new employee an additional opportunity to ask any questions and debrief of how the first week is going.
  • Provide the individual with the necessary information regarding the University, Division, and Department. The information should be customized per department and individual.
  • Assign a “buddy” to the new employee. Use of a buddy system may accelerate the productivity of new hires, enhance job satisfaction and helps build an immediate personal connection between the new employee and the organization. A buddy is different from a mentor in the fact that the buddy is there to make the new employee feel welcome, answer questions, and not necessarily give guidance on a professional level. For example, the new employee may be uncomfortable asking questions for fear of appearing incompetent. The buddy will be there to fill in the gap for new hires if they do not want to discuss such things with their boss. Buddies can also show the new employee around, introduce them to others, go to lunch with them the first few days, keep lines of communication open while respecting confidentiality, and offer encouragement. A successful buddy candidate should be a seasoned employee who has an understanding of organizational practices, culture, processes, and systems. A buddy should be a friendly volunteer with high personal performance standards, have a positive attitude, and communicate well.
  • Follow up with the employee after their first 30 days. Make sure they are transitioning into the position nicely and if there are any other accommodations that need to be made.

Additional resources for new employees may be found at http://new.tamu.edu/.

New employee orientation is offered throughout the year by both the Division of Student Affairs and the University:

Texas A&M Universityhttp://training.tamu.edu/Courses/Detail/384

Division of Student Affairs- http://dsastaff.tamu.edu/NSO

Required Training for New, Existing, and Student Employees


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