This council has given me opportunities to do things like host programs, sit on advisory boards, organize events, work as part of a leadership team, and so much more. It has taught me a great deal about professionalism and planning, which are two leadership skills that will carry me through my education and career moving forward, but also provide me with experiences and fellowship that has made me a more confident and well-rounded person.

Nyanna Arana '18 , Vice President

Allied Health | Houston, Texas

Being a historically black organization, its existence on this campus is unique especially with A&M being a predominantly white institution. Its special to me because wherever I go I will be able to connect and have an understanding with men like me who are motivated to achieve, no matter what field of human endeavor.

Menab Tesfu '19, Service Chair

Economics | Dallas, Texas

National Pan-Hellenic Council

The Texas A&M University historically Black Greek fraternities and sororities, consisting of nine nationally affiliated fraternities and sororities, provides a unique opportunity for involvement. Each organization seeks to provide students with an enriching college experience and leadership opportunities within each organization and within the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Six of the nine organizations are represented at Texas A&M’s campus. They promote the development of character for their members through participation in community service, leadership, scholarship, and brother/sisterhood building activities. The council serves as the governing body for historical Black fraternities and sororities at Texas A&M University.

(Left to Right) Johnathan Strange ’18, Nyanna Arana ’18, Samatha Dike ’18, Menab Tesfu ’19

Photo essay by Athlyn Allen ’19
Marketing Intern
Division of Student Affairs