Obtaining a leadership role takes time and commitment. But, on top of the time and the commitment, it also takes passion for what that leadership role does. As a leader, you have to think that if you aren’t passionate about what you are doing, how are the people who are following supposed to want to do anything for the cause? Being a leader doesn’t mean taking on a load by yourself. It means working with others so that you can achieve a goal.

Truc-Linh Tieu '20, Director of Multicultural Development

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Multicultural Greek Council Student Leaders
Multicultural Greek Council Student Leaders

Being an executive on Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) has taught me there are different variations of team collaboration. Being a part of Gamma Phi Omega, I have constant exposure to team effort. The only difference from this to MGC’s Executives is that I know my sisters well enough that I am aware of how every member works and the way I interact with them. With MGC, I have had to use my team building skills when we are brainstorming for an event or when I am in need of help with my position. I have learned how to mold myself and adapt to the environment and be resilient when trying to figure out how to work with leaders I had never worked with before.

Maria Hernandez '19, Director of Service

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The purpose of the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) at Texas A&M University shall be to create and maintain high standards in the life of fraternities and sororities by addressing, coordinating and developing strategic action plans; to unify organizations, promote higher education, provide community services, enhance leadership and serve as a liaison between the Multicultural Greek Council, the university’s undergraduate student body and administration thereby improving the campus climate.

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By : Audrey Bratton ’15