A leader should be a clear and effective communicator and should strive to earn, not demand, the trust and respect of others. Being a leader is being someone worth bestowing responsibility—it is both a title and a call to action.

Brooke Versaw '18, Director of Programming

Chemistry | College Station, TX

MSC Visual Arts Committee in front of Aggie Frame of Mind photos
MSC Visual Arts Committee in front of the "Architecture That Speaks" exhibit.

Being a leader in this organization has taught me both practical and specialized skills, as well as valuable life lessons. By working in the James R. Reynolds Student Art Gallery, I’ve learned how to handle artwork and maintain a gallery, which is not an experience that many people get to have. I’ve also improved basic skills such as using a variety of tools, repairing holes, and even changing light bulbs in a high ceiling. More importantly, I have learned the value of self-reflection. During executive meetings, we make it a point to reflect on our performance as an organization, acknowledge and celebrate our successes, and also find ways to deal with our shortcomings. I try my best to apply this to my personal life, and it has made my academic life smoother, as well.

Ankita Podichetty '18 , Gallery Co-Director

Microbiology | Dubai, UAE

The MSC Visual Arts Committee offers a broad mix of programs, services, facilities, and student development opportunities for the Texas A&M community. It engages the community in the visual arts through programs including gallery exhibitions, lectures, residencies, competitions, workshops, and other visual arts programs.

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By Athlyn Allen ’19

Marketing and Communication Intern

Division of Student Affairs