I think it’s very common for people to assume that all Hispanics/Latinos are the same and have the exact same culture. It’s just so eye opening to see different backgrounds and variations of cultures come together to share their experiences and perspectives. Being able to say that you had something to do with that is something I will always hold close to my heart. Most minorities go to college and it’s a complete culture shock, but the people in this organization and our conference itself helps students from Texas A&M and other universities around the state and country know that there is nothing wrong with embracing who you are in any aspect of life and finding the right people who support you along the way. It can open your eyes to a whole other perspective and see how beautiful diversity can be!

Breanna Hernandez '18, Director of Marketing

Psychology | Lubbock, Texas

(From left: Dante Salcido ’20, Kimberly Bosquez ‘18, Breanna Hernandez ’18, Cristal Gomez ’18, Priscila Rojas ’19)

5 students stand in front of a yellow, orange, red art exhibit giving a thumbs up

Being involved in SCOLA has really strengthened my leadership attributes and has taught me more ways of effectively being a leader. During our conference we help to foster a place where conversations on topics important to the Latino community can occur, that’s what makes this organization special to me. SCOLA gives us a place to have these conversations, but to also meet people and build a strong Latino network.

Dante Salcido '20, Director of Professional Development

Economics | Dallas, Texas

Student Conference on Latinx Affairs

Founded in 2017, the Memorial Student Center Student Conference on Latinx Affairs (MSC SCOLA) is a student organization that focuses on the creation and execution of a three-day conference in which participants have the chance to hear from a wide array of speakers ranging from professionals within academia, government, business, and the media. Our mission is to provide a forum for students to discuss significant issues that impact the Latinx community and to foster exemplary leadership and professional development among our members. It is our belief that the interaction, discussion, and enlightenment fostered by the conference effectively creates a stimulating educational and life-changing experience.

Learn more about MSC SCOLA.

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Being a member of this organization is an experience unlike any other. Planning this conference has taught me how to collaborate with people who have the same goal. I have found a family in this organization. We have the balance of being friends, but always encouraging each other to be the leaders we are today. It is those three days of the conference that make us realize that surpassing those obstacles was worth it. I highly encourage everyone to make an effort to become a leader in their community. As a member of MSC SCOLA, I have learned that I am contributing to a community that is bigger than myself. I have learned that even though certain situations do not affect me directly, I should still be taking action to make a change in this world. I am proud to say that I served my time at Texas A&M as a student leader.

Cristal Gomez '18, Director of Registration

Psychology | Spring, Texas

Serving as Director of Facilitators in MSC SCOLA, has helped find myself in college, providing a home away from home. Coming from my Hispanic origins and living mostly in Spanish speaking city, to coming to Texas A&M and being among the group of minorities was major shock. MSC SCOLA has helped me embrace my background and culture.

Priscila Rojas '19, Director of Facilitators

Allied Health | Brownsville, Texas

Photo Essay By:
Courtney Rhodes
Communication Specialist
Division of Student Affairs