My involvement in this campaign empowers me to create change and encourage responsible drinking habits among Texas A&M students. It has allowed me to give back to the Aggie community by helping students avoid falling into the trap of binge drinking, and it is building my understanding of audience analysis, as well as public speaking and social skills.

Marie Alejandra Jaramillo '18 , Campaign Team Member

Telecommunication Media Studies | Bogota, Colombia

This is a great campaign to be a part of because while I’m spreading awareness about responsible drinking, I am also learning. We’re not trying to get people to stop drinking; we’re working to give them information to help them understand their limit when it comes to alcohol consumption. There are too many cases of alcohol poisoning from binge drinking, but we can help prevent this in the future.

Deisy Castro Solis '18, Campaign Team Member

Communication | Fort Worth, Texas


A student-run, student-generated campaign that uses humor to emphasize the negative social and physical consequences of college-age binge drinking. Brought to Texas A&M University for the first time by Health Promotion, part of the Offices of the Dean of Student Life.

LessThanUThink aspires:

  • To increase awareness of the definition of binge drinking: Four to five standard drinks in a two-hour period.
  • To increase awareness of the undesired results, situations and consequences associated with the over-consumption of alcohol among students.
  • To increase the number of students at universities who will associate the over-consumption of alcohol with negative social and physical consequences and consider monitoring their drinking habits.

Learn more about Texas A&M’s LessThanUThink campaign.

Photos By: Sondra White ’87
Director of Marketing & Communications
Division of Student Affairs