Texas A&M looks to lead by example in everything we do. The spirit of leadership is instilled in each student, who graduates with the values, confidence, and experience to lead change in our world. You can help us mold Aggies of character through a gift to one or multiple programs that sharpen the core value of leadership, including the priority areas listed here.

During this certificate program, students develop leadership identities through education and training. They are matched with a coach, engage in eight development activities—such as a study abroad trip, seminars or memberships in other leadership organizations—and meet other students with a shared passion for leadership.

NEED: A $500,000 endowment would allow an entire cohort of students to experience the program from start to finish, while a $150,000 endowment would bring top presenters from across the country. Multiple endowed $25,000 scholarships would reduce student participation costs considerably.

The SprinSpring Leadership Exchangeg Leadership Exchange is a joint venture between Texas A&M University-College Station and Texas A&M University-Qatar. Students from each campus visit the partner institution during their respective spring breaks. In what amounts to a two-week exchange, students are challenged to consider leadership from a global perspective and develop an inclusive model of leadership which should reflect the values and cultures explored during the exchange experience.

NEED: With 15 Texas A&M students attending at a cost of $3,000 each, we aspire to raise a $1.2 million named endowment, which would reduce costs to $250 per student.

We bring 30 of Texas A&M’s top incoming freshmen to the beautiful Italian town of Castiglion Fiorentino for a two-and-a-half week personal and academic development program the summer before their first college semester. The program teaches students the skills and habits they need to maintain their honor status and highlights undergraduate research opportunities.

NEED: Our financial goal for the seminar is a $2 million named endowment, which would substantially reduce costs for student participants. You may also donate online at give.am/MSCChampe.

This fund supports programming and pioneering initiatives that promote leadership and involvement in the areas of service, inclusion, spirit and tradition, and training and development. Our goal is to provide innovative facilities, the best leadership educators and internationally renowned student engagement experiences.

NEED: Your gifts of $25,000 or more may be designated for leadership and service programming, international experiences, high-impact practices, fraternity and sorority life, or student organization grants.

Texas A&M University was selected as one of only 50 host sites for this unique program that seeks to diminish the longstanding political leadership gender gap. This one-day workshop is the only program in the country that encourages and trains college women to pursue student government positions and future political office. During a day-long workshop, Aggie women learn to develop a message, connect with constituents, and how to navigate the campaign process.

NEED: Private support is needed to fund half of the registration costs each year. A $25,000 endowment would sponsor four delegates annually, while a $750,000 endowment would ensure that many more students could attend each year.

Learn more about opportunities to help students reach their full potential through the Lead By Example campaign.