Leadership Living Learning Community (L3C) Senior Peer Mentors

Leadership for me is the process of influencing others. It’s all about the exchange of ideas and how that affects both you and your followers in the future. L3c has helped me develop myself into a much more thoughtful individual. The experiences I’ve gone through have shown me a difference side of the world, one that I would never had seen if I hadn’t allowed myself to take the dive into the experience.

Derek Zhou '19, Senior Peer Mentor

Management Information Systems | Austin, TX

The Leadership Living Learning Community (L3C) is an internationally award-winning Academic Living Learning Community centered in learning more about the relational aspects of leadership and the concepts of self and community. It is open to all incoming freshmen and is located in Krueger hall. The students take class together that teaches leadership skills and how to develop them. They also meet up once a week in smaller groups to discuss that week’s lesson.

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The Leadership Living Learning Community (L3C) has really taught me how to work individuals of diverse backgrounds. In doing so, I developed interpersonal relationships and have been given an insight to how others may view a task and their plans to solve a problem. One of the greatest concepts I have learned from this program is “you do not always have to be the leader to be a leader.” In my near future as a bilingual educator, this could not be far from the truth. In my career, I plan on planting this seed of knowledge into my students so that they can go forth and conquer the world with their huge dreams and ideas. However, this is only possible if I teach how essentially collaboration is, especially is a world becoming more diverse every day.

Yessica De Leon '19, Senior Peer Mentor

Bilingual Education | San Juan, TX

By : Athlyn Allen ’19