HPC is truly special for me. It came to me during a time when I was seeking change in my life, and it has helped me discover my true purpose at Texas A&M. It has has changed me and made me a better leader and individual overall. I have discovered friends on who I know I can rely on when things get bad, or when I simply need advice. Most important, it has shaped me as a starter of change. I have been able to impact those around me in ways I never thought possible. I feel proud knowing my voice is being heard, and that this voice is working to improve the Latinx community.

Juan Ortiz '19 , Director of External Affairs

Accounting | Brownsville, Texas

(From left: Jose Fragoso ’18, Marlyn Rosales ’18, Elena Villareal ’19, Filipe Contaifer ’20, Juan Ortiz ’19)

Being part of HPC has made me realize how similar our meetings are run to those in the real world. Over Christmas break, I had the opportunity to shadow my career coach, who is a sales manager in Cox Media Group (the largest private media corporation in the Southeast). He allowed me to sit in on a sales meeting. I saw the similarities in the professionalism and structure that we carry out in our weekly HPC meetings. It is preparing me for the real world and has helped me identify the type of leader I am: One who puts his board members before himself and helps them find their leadership skills.

Jose Fragoso '18, President

Telecommunication Media Studies | Atlanta, Georgia

HPC has broadened my views and allowed me to analyze situations through different perspectives. It has made me a more compassionate leader and individual. It’s a small organization made up of only 10 board members and an adviser. This allows us the unique opportunity to bond. Though we are small in size, our responsibility to Texas A&M, our umbrella organizations, and the Hispanic/Latinx community, is great.

Filipe Container '20, Director of Marketing

Management-Consulting | Lindale, Texas

Hispanic Presidents’ Council

The Hispanic Presidents’ Council (HPC) aims to serve as a means through which all Hispanic students can rise to achieve their full potential as both scholars and leaders in the Texas A&M community. To obtain its purpose, the council will promote the awareness of existing Hispanic organizations available to the student body of Texas A&M University. HPC will also serve as a support group for organizations by disseminating resources to the student population and organizing events, but more importantly providing a “voice” for the concerns of the Hispanic population.

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Photo essay by:
Audrey Bratton ’15
Graphic Designer
Division of Student Affairs