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Please note: all TAMU hiring practices and resources are outlined at http://employees.tamu.edu/managers/.

Position Description 

Make sure that the position description is a realistic preview of the job. This will help ensure that the candidate will be the best fit for the job and that they have a good idea of what the day-to-day job will look like. This practice alone should help increase retention.

Search Committees



It is essential that the questions being asked evaluate the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities deemed crucial to the job.

Provided below is a list of interview questions you may wish to choose from:

Be careful what notes are made on the hiring matrix and interviewing documents. These records will go into the employee personnel files and if requested, can be accessed by the hired individual.


Background checks and verification of degree(s) and/or licensure release form should only be completed on the final candidate.

Offer Letters

Moving Expense Guidelines

Excerpt from Disbursement of Funds

Please contact the Vice President for Student Affairs Office for guidance on moving expenses.

Wage Positions


TAMU Human Resources has created a guideline to help increase diversity in the hiring process. This includes information from creating/updating the position description to making the hiring decision.


After the Hire: