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The first year of college can be a scary and exciting time for anyone starting on this new adventure. This is a time in your life in which most of you start to become independent and sometimes have to make hard decisions, such as: Is a Whataburger run really necessary at 2 a.m.? The answer to that is yes, always yes!

Texas A&M University is going to be the most wonderful time of your life, but it can also be the most stressful. You are responsible for getting all your classwork done; no one is going to be around to stop you from clicking “Next Episode” or remind you that this isn’t high school. Studying only the night before a test usually won’t work.

If this is a terrifying thought, rest easy! Check out these programs that are here to help ensure your success

Academic Success CenterLearn How to Learn

  •  Supplemental Instruction (known as SI) is offered by students who have previously done well in a particular class. Learn the material, study strategies, and time management skills.
  • Academic coaches work one-on-one with students to help them develop skills to improve their GPA through time management and effective learning. In 2016, nearly 90 percent of students who utilized academic coaches improved their academic standing.


  • A directory of on campus academic support for Texas A&M courses.

University Writing CentersEvans Library and West Campus Library

  • Whether you are a published author or someone who doesn’t know why we have a comma from Oxford, the writing center can help. It offers assistance with cover letters, public speaking, PowerPoint, and mock interviews.
  • For tips on public speaking and writing, check out the podcast In a Word, which airs every Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. on KAMU-FM.

Academic Advisers

  • Help students explore their interests and motivations.
  • Offered within every department and college at Texas A&M.
  • Assist with class selection, degree plans, and deciding on the right major.

You’re in college now. Getting good grades and understanding the material is important. Amazing opportunities await you at Texas A&M, both inside and outside the classroom.

Once you have your academic success firmly in hand, get involved with one of our more than 1,000 student organizations. Whether it’s Greek life, student government, or community service that floats your boat, try something, and don’t hesitate to volunteer when leadership opportunities arise.

Visit OrgMatch, a personal profiler that matches you with ideal organizations based on your personal preferences and interests.

Note taking tips for college classes

By Athlyn Allen ’19

Texas A&M University Division of Student Affairs
The Division of Student Affairs supports Texas A&M University by providing exceptional services, facilities, and programs that promote student success, embody the Aggie spirit, and foster a diverse and inclusive campus community to deepen the understanding and individual application of the Aggie Core Values – Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect, and Selfless Service.