The Conference
The Gilbert Leadership Conference is a seven week leadership development program that leads to a four-day conference for freshmen delegates at Texas A&M University. For 10 years, GLC has inspired and challenged freshmen to learn about character, service and involvement; and how to incorporate these values into their lives throughout their college career and beyond.

David Gilbert ’07
The Gilbert Leadership Conference is named after David Ramey Gilbert ’07. From the moment he stepped foot on campus, he began to leave a legacy of service to others. He served through Fish Aides, the Student Government Association’s freshman leadership organization as well as the High School Leadership Conference, among other activities. However, that next June, David was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a form of cancer that starts by affecting the body’s immune system. This forced him to wait until the spring to return to Texas A&M. David entered remission and returned with vigor and excitement to continue to impact the university he so loved. Halfway through the semester, doctors informed him that the cancer had returned. He then began intense chemotherapy. Sadly, David lost his life in June of 2005 after two weeks of intensive care at M.D. Anderson in Houston, Texas.

Extending the Legacy
In November of 2005, Rachel Toppert ’08 decide to establish a freshman leadership conference to honor her dear friend as well as to inspire and teach future generations of Aggies by telling the story of David Gilbert and sharing the impact and legacy he left in the heart of every individual he encountered.

The Gilbert Leadership Conference not only provides students with opportunities to learn valuable principles from experienced professionals and leaders, it also connects them with a community of peers where they can practice implementing these principles in their daily lives. This combination fosters real personal growth that shapes students into leaders serving the greater good.”
Connor Adams ’16
GLC Delegate (2012)

“What really stuck with me–and still sticks with me–was that every one of them would say, ‘I just lost my best friend.’

I would ask, ‘Really your best friend? You can only have one best friend.’ …but not David. Everybody was his best friend, because he treated everyone with respect and dignity and everyone was part of his circle”
-Jeannie Barrett ’78
Senior Lecturer, Mays Business School

Student Impact
“The Gilbert Leadership Conference has impacted me by continuing to challenge me and reminding me that I want to be a lifelong learner, not only academically but also by continuing to improve my character, how I give back to people and how I create and invest in relationships. …I can always ask questions and be learning from people regardless of who they are or what their profession is.”
Katherine Mavergeorge ’18
2016 GLC Director

“Gilbert Leadership Conference opens doors for relationships, refines leadership skills, and helps delegates realize they are a part of something bigger than themselves. I see the impact of GLC in my everyday decisions to be a leader.”
Amanda Hoffman ’17
GLC Dallas Transition Coordinator

GLC pushed me to think about the kind of person I wanted to be and then gave me tools and encouragement to go out and make that a reality! GLC encouraged me to be a leader in my community and a woman of character.”
Linda D’Arezzo ’16
GLC Delegate (2012)

“Upholding morals and traditions is part of the culture at A&M; GLC exemplified these as well as creating an atmosphere of relational growth an leadership development. College is temporary, but there are two quality things we will leave this campus with: a distinguishable education and the relationships developed over our time here. GLC embodies the opportunities that Texas A&M offers, from involved and passionate former students to growing in lifelong friendships to developing in leadership and in character.”
Connor Joseph ’19
GLC Delegate (2015)

“GLC has taught me to make a point of not wasting the time that we have been given each day. Whether through the people we meet, the opportunities we have, or just the daily tasks that life brings, each person has 24 hours every day where they have the chance to make a unique and awesome difference for the people around them, as well as those who come after.”
Mary Beth Abbott ’19
GLC Delegate (2015)


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The Texas A&M Foundation is a nonprofit organization that solicits and manages investments in academics and leadership programs to enhance Texas A&M’s capability to be among the best universities.

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