The cold/flu season is upon us! We have compiled some helpful information for you to help you through this season.  Be sure to visit the Student Health Services website at  for more information.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported widespread flu activity in all 50 states. These viral infections of the respiratory tract typically last 7-10 days affecting the throat, nose, airways, and lungs and are usually spread through touch rather than through the air.

There is no cure for a cold or influenza (flu) and antibiotics are ineffective against these viruses. Once infected, all you can do to feel better is to treat symptoms while your body fights off the virus.

Cases of flu and flu-like-illness have been seen in greater numbers since the spring semester started. Texas A&M University Student Health Services reported 73 flu-like cases in the first three days of the semester.

If you have the flu, stay home.  Do not return to work or classes until you have been without fever for 24 hours. This reduces the risk of spreading the flu to fellow students, faculty and staff.

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