“Being a part of Fish Camp has allowed me to develop as a person and a more confident leader in several ways. Fish Camp has exposed me to such a diverse group of people, whether I’m working alongside other directors or being a mentor for incoming freshmen. This experience has helped me to become much more socially aware and accepting of others.”

Travis Johnston '17 , Head Director

Animal Science  | Victoria, Texas

“As a member of Fish Camp, not only do you get a family, but you also get to be a family to the incoming freshmen class. You get to be their first friend, support system, and cheerleader. You can have such an incredible impact on these freshmen who are leaving their homes for the first time. That first year of college can be really scary, lonely, and nerve wracking, but as a Fish Camp counselor, you get to be their guide through that scary time. You also become part of a new family that includes those in your camp, session, and the organization. This organization is filled with such an incredibly diverse group of individuals who are selfless, loving, and encouraging.”

Katie Dyball '18, Membership Director

Community Health | Papillion, Nebraska

“Fish Camp has helped me grow and develop as a leader. It’s given me confidence in myself that I didn’t know I lacked. It’s shown me how to work alongside a group of peers, trusting that they will accomplish what needs to be done in their specific roles. I’ve learned how to delegate tasks, and how to lead by example.”

Stephanie Duck '18 , Director of Finance

Accounting and Management Information Systems | Albuquerque, New Mexico

Fish Camp Directors

Left to right: Travis Johnston ’17, Brenna Skinner ’18, Spencer Krumholz ’18, Stephanie Duck ’18, Connor Turpin ’18, Katie Dyball ’18, Reilly Owens ’18

“It’s truly the doorway into Texas A&M University, and it offers incoming students a unique perspective on how to make the most out of their undergraduate experience. Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds and beliefs. It offers incoming students the opportunity to see that the Aggie family is this amazing melting pot of different experiences and life lessons. Whether an incoming student is looking to get more involved on campus, learn more about their major, or further connect themselves with the Texas A&M community, I believe Fish Camp can change an Aggie’s life for the better.”

Spencer Krumholz '18, Director of External Relations

Economics | Houston, Texas

Fish Camp Logo

A Freshman's First Tradition

Fish Camp strives to welcome freshmen into the Aggie Family by sharing the traditions and values of Texas A&M University, creating a universally accepting support system that allows them to build relationships and embody the Aggie Spirit. Fish Camp is led by Texas A&M students who are passionate about making the first year of college a success for freshmen. Every counselor has valuable personal experience, so they can offer advice about classes, College Station, and anything else you need as you begin your journey as an Aggie.
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Photo Essay by Athlyn Allen ’19 
Division of Student Affairs Marketing and Communications