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One way appreciation is shown to employees in the division is to present them with retirement certificates and/or certificates of appreciation upon their departure. These are often given from the departments and signed by the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Requests for a VPSA signature should be sent to Cindy Smith, csmith@vpsa.tamu.edu.

Recognition Certificate Template

    • The following format can be used if a department wishes to hand out certificates of appreciation/ recognition certificates to an employee leaving the department: Template  

Ordering a Retirement Certificate

To order in AggieBuy:

    1. Create regular requisition in AggieBuy
    2. Vendor: suggested supplier
    3. Mark: route to Procurement Services
    4. Amount: $1.00
    5. In the notes, indicate the full name you want to appear on the certificate, date of retirement, years of service, and signature lines (President, Department Head, etc.)

Example: completed AggieBuy requisition


Division Awards

Each year, the Division of Student Affairs recognizes outstanding staff achievements. During the spring semester, all recipients will be announced and honored at the Division of Student Affairs Awards Ceremony. Awards given include the Randy Matson Association of Former Students Award, Awards of Distinction, and the Southerland Award.

HR Actions:

Administrative Leave– May be granted to any regular employee in a leave eligible position for outstanding job-related accomplishments or performance.

Hiring Salary AdjustmentsMay be given within three months after the end of the six months service for newly hired, internally promoted, or reclassified employees who have specific skills and experience above the minimum qualifications for the position.

One-Time Merit Payments– One-time merit payments reward employees with an incentive payment up to $2,500 (gross) that is not added to the employee’s base salary. One-time merits are dependent upon employee job performance.

Years of Service

The program currently recognizes employee who reach 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 years of service with Texas A&M University. It is administered by TAMU Human Resources. For more information, visit http://employees.tamu.edu/employee-recognition/yos/.