“I was a major unit commander in the Corps of Cadets because I wanted to become part of something bigger than myself. The Corps is an organization with a rich history of countless great Aggies that is dedicated to the betterment of cadets through a pursuit of the Corps values of discipline, integrity, selfless service, courage, and honor. The Corps of Cadets is an organization that will challenge you, but one day you will look back on the time when you arrived at Texas A&M and realize just how much you have grown.”

Matthew Hill '19, 1st Wing Commander

Biology | Clifton, Virginia

Major Unit Commanders standing with their thumbs up in front of the Quad.

From left: Hannah Reckmeyer ’19, Eric Maxwell ’19, Zachary Brenton ’19, Matthew Hill ’19, Caleb Brown ’19, Chris Hernandez ’19, Damon Austin Crossland ’19, Allie Rio ’19, and Ryan Lam ’19.

4 Major Unit Commanders standing under the "Corps of Cadets" arch on the Quad.
Corps of Cadets

The Texas A&M Corps of Cadets is the largest, oldest and most visible student organization and leadership training program at Texas A&M University.  It is one of the largest uniformed bodies of students in the nation that provides hands-on leadership experienceenhances a world-class education from Texas A&M, and directly involves cadets in the traditions that make Aggieland so different from all other schools.

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Major Unit Commanders on the quad

“Being a third-generation Aggie, several of my elder Macmanus family members went through the Corps before me. My grandfather, father, four uncles, and my cousin are former cadets, and my brother is a sophomore cadet. The Corps means a lot to my family, and all of us believe our time here contributed greatly to developing us into the men, leaders, and contributors to society that we are today, along with giving us some good friends and stories along the way. Additionally, the Corps has provided a great challenge during my time here at Texas A&M. Being a leadership laboratory, the Corps exposes you to real leadership experiences, such as holding your friends accountable, that challenge your will and character. The Corps has provided the support to help me succeed in these situations, and this has allowed me to grow to my greatest potential.”

Justin McManus '19, 1st Brigade Commander

Biological and Agricultural Engineering  | Harlingen, Texas

“When I first came to Texas A&M, I actually wasn’t a member of the Corps of Cadets. I joined plenty of student organizations to get plugged in but wasn’t feeling fulfilled; all the friendships I was making were built off of superficial commonalities. I figured I’d join the Corps in the spring semester of my freshman year and I realize more and more each day why this organization means so much. The relationships I have been able to build have nothing to do the things we have in common on the outside, but the drive and passion that comes from our hearts. We are an organization of individuals devoted to developing character, instilling discipline, facing challenges, and fostering love, and that is what a foundation can be built on.”

Hannah Reckmeyer '19, 3rd Regiment Commander

Mechanical Engineering | Trophy Club, Texas

Photo essay by Kirsten Bynum ’22
Student Photographer
Corps of Cadets