“The Aggie band is different from any organization anywhere in the world. Everyone has to be concentrating and focused 100% of the time or our drills will not work. We operate each and every day by displaying our 3 core values, dignity, self-discipline, and enduring pride. The Aggie Band means so much to me because it has taught me who I am and what I am passionate about.”

Christopher Watson '19, Drum Major

Supply Chain Management | Cypress, Texas

3 corps drum majors standing in front of the "Leaders" pillar on the quad.

From left to right: Christopher Watson ’19, Claudio Treviño ’19, and Josiah Caver ’19

3 corps drum majors with their thumbs up in the stands at a Texas A&M football game.
The Nationally Famous Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band

Known for its precision military marching formations on the football gridiron, the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band is the largest military marching band in the nation. This 300+ member Corps of Cadets unit is the official marching band of Texas A&M University. Performing at all home football games and several away games, this organization is one of the most traveled collegiate marching bands in the nation. The Aggie Band operates under strict military guidelines as an integral part of the Corps of Cadets. The Aggie Band was presented the Sudler Trophy from the John Philip Sousa Foundation in 2001 in recognition of the long tradition of excellence established by the organization.

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3 corps drum majors standing on Kyle Field with the goal in the background.

“As a leader, I have learned the true meaning behind attention to detail. If you let anything slip, it could mean the difference between a good day and a bad day. You need to be able to tell the future if you want things to go well and your people to trust you. Your team feels your energy as a leader, and they respond to it. You are the one that gets the ball rolling. If you have no drive, the momentum won’t pick up and your people will be uninformed and lost. However, if you are on top of things and show dedication every moment you are with the team, they will feed off of that positive energy and they will get things done.”

Claudio Treviño '19, Drum Major

Forensic & Investigative Sciences | Laredo, Texas

3 corps drum majors silhouetted in the tunnel at Kyle Field.

“Pertaining to the Corps of Cadets I’ve learned the importance of discovering your authentic leadership. It is when you are operating under authenticity that growth occurs. You can’t grow pretending to be somebody else.”

Josiah Caver '19, Drum Major

Philosophy | Fort Worth, Texas

Photos By: Kirsten Bynum ’22
Corps Photographer