The Fearless Leaders of 12th Can: Dedicated to Eliminating Food Insecurity at Texas A&M

" I always wanted to make a visible difference in the lives of others. 12th Can has given me a way to make a direct impact on the community that was so welcoming to me when I arrived at Texas A&M. I wasn’t searching for a leadership role, but as I spent more time giving [...]

The Fearless Leaders of 12th Can: Dedicated to Eliminating Food Insecurity at Texas A&M2018-10-11T10:41:31+00:00

Aggie Transition Camps: A Transfer’s First Tradition

"This organization is important to me because I was denied entrance to Texas A&M three times. All of my friends went to Fish Camp and had the time of their lives. When I finally got accepted, I was looking for my own group of friends. I found everything I needed with Aggie Transfer Camp-a [...]

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Residential Housing Association

"As members of the Residential Housing Association (RHA), we are in a special position to advocate for the 12,000 students that live on campus. Through our advocating, we are specifically looking to hear the voices of the on-campus members and to either work to get in contact with University Leadership to see what can be [...]

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Aggie Orientation Leader Program (AOLP)

"In the Aggie Orientation Leader Program, you and your friends will made an impact on every single new student who comes to Texas A&M University. Whether you check them in, lead them in an insight group, or walk them to class, you will be part of an organization that interacts with hundreds of [...]

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ExCEL: Excellence Uniting Culture, Education & Leadership

"ExCEL helped me transition as a freshman by providing a source of motivation and introducing me to a network of black upperclassmen, as well as available resources and opportunities. Just knowing other African-Americans who had gone through the same struggles as a freshman gave me a sense of belonging and encouraged me to [...]

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Graduate & Professional Student Council

"Being part of the Graduate & Professional Student Council gives you a high-level view of how the university operates in terms of a business as well as a from an academic standpoint. Additionally, this is the one organization on campus that gives graduate leaders from all disciplines the opportunity to discuss issues that affect [...]

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International Student Association

ISA is important to me because we are in this special position where we don’t cleave to one specific culture or group but rather exist to represent all the cultures that exist at Texas A&M. It’s challenging to have to coordinate with so many organizations, each with its unique identity and [...]

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The Battalion

Starting from left to right the people pictured are: Brad Sterling Morse Jr. '18, Angel Madison Franco '19, Cassie Stricker '19, Gracie Mock '18, Luke Henkhaus '20 'This organization is a family. We argue, we laugh, we succeed and fail; but at the end of the day I can honestly say they have my back. This place is [...]

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