“Built To Help Others is about service to those who have gone through terrible circumstances, while building leadership, technical, and other skills that prepare you for any field you would like to go into. Our organization and members work together during events and become a family to one another so we can help as many people outside of our organization go through their circumstance, and help our own members as well.”

William Lamm '19, President, Co-Founder

Biology | Dallas, Texas

3 members of Built to Help Others standing on the steps of the Academic Building with their arms crossed.

From left to right: Ashley Connor ’20, William Lamm ’19, and Megan Ford ’19

3 members of Built to Help Others standing near a tree in Academic Plaza.
Built To Help Others (BTHO)

Built To Help Others (BTHO), also known as BTHOHarvey, is a new student organization that exists to serve people in need after natural disasters and other devastating circumstances. Since last year, we have raised nearly $450,000 in monetary donations and collected 8 tons of supplies ranging from clothes, food, and medical necessities. In addition, we have sent volunteer groups to areas in need to help clean up and rebuild houses affected by Hurricane Harvey. We have served over 50 households and provided support to thousands of people in need. At this rate, complete reconstruction from Hurricane Harvey is estimated to take up to 10+ years.

Our goal is to provide support, both through monetary donations and direct service, to people in need after Hurricane Harvey and to people in the Bryan/College Station area in need of affordable housing/repairs. We have volunteer opportunities in Houston and the surrounding communities that are still affected by Hurricane Harvey. In addition, we have recently partnered with Habitat for Humanity to assist people in the Bryan/College Station are with repairs to their homes.

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3 members of Built to Help Others standing on the steps of the Academic Building.

“When Hurricane Harvey hit the gulf coast in the fall of 2017, I sat there helpless. I didn’t know what to do but I felt called to serve. Finding the dedicated students that would later become the BTHO lead team helped me create an avenue to serve the unreachable. We made connections and found a way to transport supplies to flooded areas because of a donated military grade vehicle. From seeing homes rebuilt or tons of food donated, BTHO will hold a special place in my heart for seeing the Aggie Spirit and the Aggie Network truly come alive.”

Megan Ford '19, Vice President

Kinesiology | Rockwall, Texas

3 members of Built to Help Others sitting in Academic Plaza.

“Built To Help Others has reopened the doors of service to me that I so greatly cherished growing up. My freshman year I was in a service FLO, which was wonderful…but of course, FLO’s are Freshman organizations. Moving on I didn’t know where to take my love for service and my heart…BTHO was the answer. As a leader it has provided me the opportunity to head up service events, communicate with other organizations about upcoming events, and has truly challenged me to discipline myself more than I have ever before.”

Ashley Connor '20, Future Officer

Philosophy | Fort Worth, Texas

Photos By: Camelia Trahan
Student Activities Communications Specialist