Corps Announces Second Female Commander

Cecille Sorio ’17, the current Third Wing sergeant major for the Corps of Cadets, was selected as the new Corps Commander for the 2016-2017 school year Tuesday.

Originally from San Antonio, Sorio grew up in Germany. After her mother died, Sorio decided to only consider universities in Texas in an effort to alleviate some of the costs of college. She said her father’s service in the Air Force inspired her to join as well, leading her to consider schools that boast strong ROTC programs.

“We were kind of short on money, and so I kind of was restricted to staying in Texas,” Sorio said. “So I looked around at all the different schools to pursue a degree—I didn’t know in what—but I found A&M and I found meteorology and I just fell in love.”

Sophomore year Sorio was a squad leader in charge of a couple freshmen and their personal development. Sorio said this spurred her drive to continue in leadership roles.

“Looking back at it now, having developed my own personal freshmen, and having the opportunity to watch the new sophomores make a difference in these people’s lives—that’s what’s really satisfying,” Sorio said.

Sorio said this emphasis on leadership was one of the main things that drove her to apply for the Corps Commander position.

“Corps Commander gives you the perfect opportunity to make good training environments for people to be in situations that can prepare them for the world after they graduate,” Sorio said. “That’s why I applied, and hopefully I can make that kind of a difference.”

Corps Commandant Gen. Joe Ramirez said Sorio has excelled in her current leadership role as Third Wing sergeant major.

“She’s a leader,” Ramirez said. “She’s a team builder. She knows how to communicate effectively—she knows how to get her people to do what needs to be done in a very effective manner.”

Sorio said one of her favorite parts of the Corps is the leadership practice it gives her.

“You’re going to get put in situations where you might not like people, where you’re going to have to think on the fly and make decisions,” Sorio said. “And yeah there are other opportunities like that in other organizations, but the Corps gives a cool opportunity of going through followership, direct leadership and then managing people—and that’s what I really love about it.”

Sorio is only the second female Corps Commander, after current Corps Commander Alyssa Michalke became the first last year.

“I’m really honored, to come in the footsteps of Alyssa Michalke,” Sorio said. “Hopefully I can make her proud. But my final word is that they made this decision not based on race, gender, religion. And I hope to prove that.”

Michalke said she’s happy to see women applying for leadership roles within the Corps.

“It’s definitely good to see that women are stepping up into leadership roles across the Corps—not just Corps Commander, but across the Corps and also in our special units that we have as well,” Michalke said. “I think she’s going to do an amazing job next year as Corps Commander, and I really look forward to seeing what she’s going to do.”

Sorio said Michalke has been a role model for her.

“She’s an amazing leader and seeing what she’s done for the Corps shows that she wasn’t just chosen because she’s a girl,” Sorio said.“I have some big boots to fill, no pun intended—actually, yeah pun intended, I will say that.”

This article was originally published in The Battalion.

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