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Honoring Excellence on Campus

Residence Life Recognizes Faculty, Staff and Students for Academic and Leadership Excellence The Department of Residence Life recognized eight Texas A&M University students and their faculty and staff mentors during its inaugural Honoring Excellence Awards Ceremony, held on campus this semester. The award process recognizes on-campus students who have demonstrated academic [...]

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A MAP to Success for Student Veterans at Texas A&M University

Campus program assists with challenging military veteran-to-student transition. Newly admitted students at Texas A&M University face several challenges, such as deciding on coursework, establishing housing arrangements, managing finances, navigating College Station and the surrounding area, and developing new relationships. Today’s challenges can be especially demanding on military veterans, which is why [...]

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Graduate & Professional Student Council

"Being part of the Graduate & Professional Student Council gives you a high-level view of how the university operates in terms of a business as well as a from an academic standpoint. Additionally, this is the one organization on campus that gives graduate leaders from all disciplines the opportunity to discuss issues that affect [...]

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Collegiate Panhellenic Council

"Being a leader in the largest student organization on campus and being able to implement changes that impact a whole culture has taught me more than any classroom. My favorite part of Panhellenic is building up other women. I have changed as a person by becoming more compassionate and shifting my mindset from a [...]

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My involvement in this campaign empowers me to create change and encourage responsible drinking habits among Texas A&M students. It has allowed me to give back to the Aggie community by helping students avoid falling into the trap of binge drinking, and it is building my understanding of audience analysis, as well as public [...]


Families within the Aggie Family

Residence Life has created two social support groups for historically underrepresented students living on campus. With a financial boost from a $25,000 college completion grant, the Department of Residence Life created two new programs to help Hispanic and African-American students living on campus feel more comfortable and confident with their [...]

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Flu Update

The cold/flu season is upon us! We have compiled some helpful information for you to help you through this season.  Be sure to visit the Student Health Services website at shs.tamu.edu/flu  for more information. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported widespread flu activity in all 50 states. These viral infections of the [...]

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Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference (SBSLC)

I lead by example. A leader is someone who is driven, someone for whom you want to work hard. My position on the SBSLC board has helped me pour into others who are becoming leaders. Race, Health and Gender/Public Health in Psychology | Houston, Texas I try my best [...]

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