Texas A&M is making significant progress in improving the campus climate with diversity and inclusion initiatives, but the Asian community can run into a challenge of being acknowledged by the administration and student body. With our awareness initiatives and programming, we want to enhance the lives of Asian students on campus by exploring more opportunities. As an often-underrepresented minority group, Asian students sometimes struggle to get their feet in the door. The work we are doing will help individuals within the Asian community to find their home at Texas A&M.

Jackie Mak '18, President

Management Information Systems | Sugarland, TX

The Asian Presidents’ Council hosts many events each year, but the conference is a new opportunity that we really wanted to experience. Being an ambassador is exciting, but also scary at the same time. It’s a lot of work and commitment, but we believe the outcomes and results that APC can achieve are definitely worth our time and effort.

Jessica Hsu '19, Vice President

Nutrition | Sugarland, TX

The Asian Presidents’ Council strives to unite and strengthen the Asian organizations on the Texas A&M University campus. They aim to increase communication and support between all Asian organizations, provide leadership and organizational development opportunities to students in APC organizations, and most of all, promote awareness of the existing Asian organizations and cultures to the student body at Texas A&M University.

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By : Audrey Bratton ’15 and Maggie Rians ’18