“Aggies on the Spectrum has really helped me accept my identity as an Autistic adult. I always saw myself stuck in the middle between what was ‘normal’ and what people saw as ‘autistic’. This organization can give you an inside look at how people who think differently from you can be. Tap into a community that many pass judgments on and see for yourself how we can be.”

Ricardo Astorga, II '18, President

Child Professional Services | Brownsville, Texas

Aggies on the Spectrum

Aggies on the Spectrum was established January 2017 with the purpose of offering social opportunities, support and educational resources for individuals on the autism spectrum, students, staff and faculty at Texas A&M as well as for the Bryan-College Station community. Our goals are as follows:

  1. To cultivate the experiences of our members through service learning and enhance their social capital through networking.
  2. To promote acceptance and share positive, respectful and accurate information about autistic people.
  3. To increase self-advocacy and leadership skills.

Membership to AOTS is not limited to autistic adults. We welcome anyone who wants to learn more about autism.

Learn more about Aggies on the Spectrum.

From left to right : Aaron Zajac ’20, Ricardo Astorga II ’18 and Cameron Brock ’20

“I was hesitant to join Aggies on the Spectrum as a founding member but I really feel it has helped build my confidence so I can help encourage other students who are nervous to join an organization. I think the thing that makes Aggies on the Spectrum unique is its relatively small size. This allows the members of the organization to get to know each other really well. It provides an excellent opportunity for people to interact with others who are interested in self-advocacy for those on the Autism spectrum and/or those who are on the Autism spectrum themselves. The skills that I have developed in being an officer in this organization are being more comfortable speaking in front of others, as well as experience with planning for events and meetings.”

Cameron Brock '20 , Treasurer

Computer Science | Gordon, Texas

young man in corps of cadets uniform stands in front of some fall trees giving a thumbs up

“As a person, Aggies On The Spectrum has changed me by helping me realize that there are other people with similar challenges and difficulties as me, and it has helped me feel more understood in this university. As a leader, Aggies On The Spectrum, especially the Spectrum LLC video project, has changed me as a leader because it has shown me that being a leader is not always about being at the top, it is about contributing to a team effort to accomplish a set of goals or tasks.”

Aaron Zajac '20, Secretary

History | El Paso, Texas

Photos By: Zack Hillard ’20
DSA Digital Media Intern