“This organization is important to me because I was denied entrance to Texas A&M three times. All of my friends went to Fish Camp and had the time of their lives. When I finally got accepted, I was looking for my own group of friends. I found everything I needed with Aggie Transfer Camp-a support system, friends, and opportunity. ATC has helped me become who I am today, and it is now important for me to give the same opportunities to others.”

MaryGrace Montagna '18, Director of Events and Fundraising

Agricultural Communication and Journalism | Cypress, Texas

“When I arrived at Texas A&M, I thought I knew what it took to be a leader, and already had some leadership experience under my belt. Through ATC, not only have I gained lifelong friends and had life-changing experiences, but I learned that the true meaning of leadership is and how to interact with others who have different views than my own.”

Alex Bregenzer '18, Director of Risk Management & Administration

Renewable Natural Resources and Ecological Restoration | Lewisville, Texas

A Transfer's First Tradition

Aggie Transition Camps exists to successfully transition new students into the Aggie Family. ​ATC consists of two different programs: Howdy Camp and Transfer Camp. Howdy Camp is hosted each year in January prior to the spring semester, while T-Camp is held in August just prior to the fall semester.
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From left: Bethany Todaro ’17, Parker Evans ’18, Rachel Nicoletti ’17, MaryGrace Montagna ’18, and Alex Brengenzer ’18

“This is the most selfless and rewarding organization I’ve ever experienced. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if anyone thanks you for the hours you volunteer or that you get praise for your accomplishments. All that matters is that you’re leaving the organization in a better place than it was before you arrived. I have been a member of this organization in one way or another since 2015, and I wish I could go back and do it all again. I hold ATC very near and dear to my heart. I love being in a position in which I can directly help the organization reach its full potential. Even after I graduate from Texas A&M, the people I have met and the friends I have made in ATC will always be a part of who I am as a person. I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Bethany Todaro '17, Director of Finance

Vertebrate Zoology | Jefferson, Texas

“As a member of Aggie Transition Camps, there is nothing more rewarding than having someone tell you that you made their transition into the Aggie Family one of the greatest experiences in their entire life. In ATC, this is a common experience and it is what makes all our late nights and hard work worth every minute.”

Parker Evans '18, Executive Director

Industrial Distribution | Austin, Texas

Photo essay by Nisha Nadkarni ’19
Social Media and Marketing Intern