“I didn’t know if I would be able to return to Texas A&M University because I didn’t think I would have a sober community in College Station. When I found the Aggie Recovery Community (ARC), it allowed me to join a group of people that supports me and pushes me to continue my sobriety and work toward my goals. Without the ARC, I would not be on track to graduate in May 2019! The ARC is the only organization on campus for students struggling with addiction. We help students reach their goals while keeping their college experience fun and sober. We help students attain sobriety, and we push each other to be successful in school while having a blast with people that love and support one another.”

Molly LaMantia '19, Social Chair

History | Laredo, Texas

3 members of Aggie Recovery Community standing in front of a tree on the Texas A&M University campus.

From left: Alec Mohr ’19, Drew Dugger ’19, and Molly LaMantia ’19

3 members of Aggie Recovery Community with their arms around each other facing away from the camera. The back of their shirts read, "Good. Clean. Fun".
Aggie Recovery Community

The Aggie Recovery Community is a recognized student organization at Texas A&M University that provides a safe, sober, and supportive environment for college students struggling with or recovering from addiction. Our mission is to facilitate an inclusive fellowship that fosters personal growth and wellness through regular recovery meetings. The Aggie Recovery Community meets multiple times a week for student-led, 12-step style meetings, study sessions, and socials. To ensure a safe, judgment-free and private space for students, no staff members attend unless otherwise invited by the community. Members also participate in group social activities and programming during the academic year.

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3 members of Aggie Recovery Community sit on the edge of the fountain in Rudder Plaza.

“After beginning my recovery, one of my biggest fears was how to return to college and maintain my sobriety. Texas A&M was where my alcoholism developed, and I couldn’t imagine how to be a student without alcohol. The members of the ARC showed me how to be successful in school, maintain my sobriety, and enjoy college in a new and more fulfilling way. I learned how to speak about substance abuse and recovery to my peers. Knowing how to best explain the insanity of addiction to students has allowed me to better understand how important it is to use different approaches. We can’t actively recruit students to join the ARC. Students who suffer from alcoholism and/or substance abuse must on their own come to the conclusion that they are willing to change before they can begin their recovery. Many students are not at this stage, nor will they ever reach a point at which their alcohol and/or substance abuse is destructive to themselves and others. If your drinking and/or drug use started with fun, became fun with problems, and is now just creating problems in your life, you can begin recovery and become a member of the ARC.”

Drew Dugger '19, Treasurer

Management Information Systems | Liberty, Texas

3 members of Aggie Recovery Community standing in front of the Academic building on the Texas A&M University campus.

“The Aggie Recovery Community (ARC) is the only substance abuse recovery organization on campus. If you are a student who wants to recover from substance abuse disorder or stand in solidarity with those who are, we invite you to join us!”

Alec Mohr '19, President & Founder

Chemical Engineering | Plano, Texas

Photo essay by Audrey Bratton ’15
Division of Student Affairs
Graphic Designer