“In the Aggie Orientation Leader Program, you and your friends will made an impact on every single new student who comes to Texas A&M University. Whether you check them in, lead them in an insight group, or walk them to class, you will be part of an organization that interacts with hundreds of new students. As co-director, I have become a more confident decision-maker, which allows me to trust myself when making tough decisions.”

Jasmine Zenn '19, Co-Director, Aggie Orientation Leader Program

Economics | Katy, Texas

“Being someone who is relatively quiet, it is sometimes challenging to talk to others and build a conversation. Being part of AOLP has helped me to become a more open person, and it has allowed me to learn conversation skills that will help me in the future. I’ve become a better leader who can take charge when I need to and work with my fellow execs to move the organization forward. We are the first faces new Aggies see on campus, and I believe we make a huge impact on their transition to college.”

Anthony Spinelli, Personnel Coordinator, Aggie Orientation Leader Program

Biomedical Sciences | Boyd, Texas

“I’ve learned through AOLP that leadership comes in many different styles. You may not think you are a leader, but someone out there is likely looking up to you right now as a leader, whether it’s a family member, a friend, or a random stranger you will meet in passing. It takes practice, but your leadership style will become clear. I believe that this organization gives its members the opportunity to develop their own unique approach to peer leadership through small-group facilitation, executing panels, and providing resources to new students and families.”

Amanda Coronado '18, Co-Director, Aggie Orientation Leader Program

Psychology | Seabrook, Texas

From left to right: Mia Carrola ’19, Jasmine Zenn ’19, Anthony Spinelli ’19, Amanda Coronado ’18, and Amiri Fowler ’19.

“My AOLP experience has been the best of my Aggie experience. It has truly molded me into a leader. The most rewarding feeling is seeing the joy and relief in the faces of new students and their families when they realize that they are not just coming into a university where they are another number, but joining a family that cares deeply about their happiness and success.”

Mia Carrola '19, Family Track Coordinator, Aggie Orientation Leader Program

Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology | Boerne, Texas

“This summer alone, we will make a different in the lives of 14,000 students. Not many student-led organizations can boast that they interact with this many people on such a grand scale. I’ll take so many lessons with me after graduation, from conflict resolution to lessons on diversity and inclusion. Through AOLP, I have learned that the more we can learn about our differences, the easier it is to treat each other with the respect that every individual deserves.”

Amiri Fowler '19, Check-in & Tour Coordinator, Aggie Orientation Leader Program

Biomedical Sciences | Plano, Texas

Aggie Orientation Leader Program  (AOLP) 

Student leaders who volunteer with the Aggie Orientation Leader Program welcome new students and their families to Aggieland during New Student Conferences. The organization seeks to create an atmosphere that minimizes anxiety, promotes positive attitudes, and stimulates excitement for learning in all Texas A&M University students. Freshman and transfer students can easily identify orientation leaders during new student conferences by their welcoming smiles and desire to create a memorable and fun experience.

Photos by Athlyn Allen ’19
Division of Student Affairs Marketing & Communication