“The Aggie Eco Reps has given me the confidence to instigate discussion in areas that probably would have not been explored otherwise. I love having the platform to incite interpersonal assessment of one’s place in the world and the role each of us has to play in making our quality of life better. The devotion to practicing sustainability in all fields is necessary for all people, of all majors, with all interests. Being a part of this group has enabled me to speak up about what it means to be an Aggie and good citizen of this planet: simply put, to respect others and the environment. It has given me the chance to delve into what it means to help create a financially, environmentally, and socially sustainable world has been an extended exercise of empathy, and has manifested a lifelong opportunity for growth that I am excited to explore alongside the other Eco Reps.”

Briana Moreno-Maldonado '21, President

Chemical Engineering | Mansfield, Texas

4 aggie eco reps leaning against wooden background

(from left) Briana Moreno-Maldonado, Mia McCallum, Nichole Mehlhaff, and Shleby Warrington

Leading by example is one skill that I have learned from being an Aggie Eco-Reps leader. Often the most sustainable choice will not be the easiest one, and it can be tempting to take the easy road. If I, as a leader, won’t take the hard path, then why would someone who doesn’t know or care about sustainability choose that path? My role as a sustainable leader doesn’t end when our Eco-Rep meetings are over. It is part of my everyday life and the choices I constantly make. People are always paying attention, and I think it’s incredibly important to show that it is not only possible but rewarding to live in a sustainable way.”

Shelby Warrington '20, Education Vice President

Mechanical Engineering | Tucson, Arizona

4 aggie eco reps sit on bench at TAMU gardens.
4 aggie eco reps standing near an on-campus bike rack

“The Aggie Eco Reps are inclusive, passionate, and wholeheartedly care about everything around them! Caring about the environment is an excellent reason to join our organization as we have many environmental sustainability focused programs and events in residence halls and across campus. But Aggie Eco Reps are so much more! We encourage students to improve all aspects of our environment, not only the stereotypical green and growing parts, but also the social and the fiscal responsibility parts. We help define a campus experience that is great for everyone!”

Nichole Mehlhaff '19, Campus Events Vice President

Environmental Studies | Austin, Texas

4 aggie eco reps standing in an open field behind the white creek community center

“What sets the Aggie Eco Reps apart from other organizations is our purpose. We strive to promote sustainability and to educate residents on sustainability, and we also provide them with opportunities to do so. We want to make changes now so our world is a better place in the future. Being a part of this organization has taught me to become more sustainable, and it is what influenced me to study renewable natural resources.”

Mia McCallum '21, Membership Vice President

Renewable Natural Resources | Edinburg, Texas

Aggie Eco-Reps

The mission of the Aggie Eco Reps is to provide students with the education and opportunity to promote and continue on campus sustainability within the residence halls of Texas A&M University.

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Photo essay by Audrey Bratton ’15
Graphic Designer
Division of Student Affairs