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Major Growth

Jasmine Bailey '13

She is poised and articulate, a woman confident in her strengths and abilities.  Slated to graduate this May, she knows where she wants to go in life and feels more than equipped to get there.  Yes, Jasmine Bailey ’13 has changed quite a bit since she first arrived at Texas A&M. 


“Back then I didn’t know what I wanted to do,” she recalls with a rueful smile, “so I switched majors three or four times.”  She finally settled on university studies with a business concentration, because, “It’s the perfect major for me.  Flexible.  I can take classes in things I’m interested in, which is why I have minors in communications and sociology.”


Of course, academics weren’t her only challenge—possibly not even the biggest.  Coming from Dallas’s Townview Magnet Center to a predominately white institution in a small town was a big change.  Being naturally reserved and somewhat shy made the transition all the more daunting.  But Jasmine came up with a strategy.


“I knew I had to get out there and meet people and try new things,” she says, “so I immediately got involved in Mays Prep, a freshman leadership organization, and ExCEL (Excellence uniting Culture, Education, and Leadership) through the Department of Multicultural Services.  That way, I got to meet peers who didn’t look like me and peers who did.  And that’s how I was able to handle the new environment.”


Handle the new environment?  These days, Jasmine helps shape that environment.



Major growth

For the past two years, Jasmine served as president of the Black Student Alliance Council, six Aggies who work to “enhance and unify the Black community and serve as the formulating voice for Black students on campus.”  They do that by celebrating the accomplishments of Black students on campus, hosting programs like the Black History Month Kickoff and the Black Aggie Parents’ Barbecue, and co-hosting educational events like Fusion Fiesta. 


“My position on the Council has been a real journey,” she muses.  “I developed public speaking skills and built up strengths I didn’t know I had.  She pauses before adding, “I think twenty years from now, I’ll look back and say, ‘I was really able to grow as a person and a leader through that organization.’”


She says the same about her involvement with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., an organization she joined last spring.  As this year’s service chair, Jasmine set up community events with organizations in Bryan/College Station:  Twin City Mission, Brazos Valley Food Bank, Forest Ridge Elementary School.  With just a few sisters planning at least one service event a month, learning to balance her time has been crucial.  But, as Jasmine quickly points out, the bonds and connections she formed more than made up for the added effort.



Sales and service

As for the future ….


Jasmine has accepted a sales account manager with Amagine Technologies, the Houston audio/visual company she interned with.  (It also happens to be the company responsible for integrating equipment in Aggieland’s new North Side residence hall.)  She would like to get a few years’ experience under her belt, before she goes after an MBA.


Of course, as you might have guessed from her resume so far, this is a woman who lives a well-rounded life.  A woman who loves to serve others and help them be better leaders.  A cheerleader, if you will.  As a matter of fact ….


“I was a cheerleading coach last season for the Brazos Valley Football League,” she confides with a grin.  “I coached a group called the Blazer Girls.  And it was amazing!  Just to be that role model for them to look up to … I could do that every day.”


And no doubt will, in one way or another, no matter where she goes.


Just prior to publication, Jasmine Bailey received a 2013 Buck Weirus Spirit Award recognizing her for high involvement, creating positive experiences throughout the Aggie community, impacting student life at Texas A&M, and enhancing the Aggie Spirit.


Contributed by:
Kathy DiSanto, Communications Specialist
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs


Photo by:
Chris Weachock '12

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