John Kelty ’16 – Launching Forward

Texas A&M University provides students with unique leadership and service opportunities that promote personal and professional growth. John K. Kelty, Class of 2016, is utilizing these experiences to expand and develop his skills in preparation for launching forward in his career.   Kelty came to Texas A&M University as a veteran of the United States [...]

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Texas A&M is participating in the Student Experience at the Research University survey (Aggie SERU) again this year.  The survey, sent to all undergraduate students, covers many topics from academic to co-curricular. In the last couple of years, for example, we have been able to look at the data to know about their engagement in service [...]

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Close Up: Kailah Gonzalez ’12

In the beginning, Kailah (pronounced Kay-lah) Gonzalez ’12 wasn’t the least bit interested in attending Texas A&M and didn’t appreciate it when her parents insisted she at least visit the school.  Happily, her attitude did a complete 180 the day she set foot on campus. “I fell in love,” she admits. “I was here for one [...]

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