Assessment of Student Learning Award


Recipients are recognized for their outstanding service towards assessing student learning at Texas A&M University.

The selection committee considers, but is not limited to the following criteria:

  • Direct impact on students and/or student groups in creating an environment which enhances student learning in the co-curricular.
  • Shows dedication on improving student learning in the co-curricular through using assessment results.
  • Assessment of student learning is linked to the University, Division of Student Affairs, and/or supports the advancement of students achieving the institutional undergraduate/graduate learning outcomes.


Recipients must meet the following eligibility requirements to be recognized:

  • Be a current Division of Student Affairs employee. Team nomination: all members must be current DSA employees.
  • Be full-time and budgeted at least 50% time.
  • Have a minimum of six months of service, as of February 20, 2017, 5:00pm CST, in current department or any other department within the Division of Student Affairs.
  • Not have received an Assessment of Student Learning Award at any of the previous three DSA Awards ceremonies (2014, 2015 or 2016). Applies to individual nomination or all members of a team nomination.


  • Individual: recipient will receive a $500 cash award and memento
  • Team: individual plaques; team members will share a total cash award of $500
  • One individual or team awarded

Nomination Requirements

  • Nomination Form
  • Two one-page letters of support

It is recommended that individuals compose the nomination letter in a Word document then cut and paste into the text boxes below.

Nominations will not be accepted after February 20, 2017, 5:00pm CST. 

The submission deadline has expired as of 5:00 pm February 20, 2017.

Past Assessment of Student Learning Award Recipients

2015-2016: Katy King, Memorial Student Center

2014-2015: Sharon Mena, Offices of the Dean of Student Life

2013-2014: Cruz Rios, Multicultural Services