Teams are recognized for their outstanding contributions on behalf of the Division of Student Affairs.

The selection committee considers, but is not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Contributions toward team excellence – demonstrating collaboration and cooperation as a team leading to performance that is consistently outstanding and frequently outside the normal scope of prescribed expectations.
  • Independently and cooperatively, team members demonstrate: resourcefulness; encourage new ideas and creativity; exhibit leadership qualities within the context of position responsibilities; skills that exceed expectations.
  • Utilization of the Division’s commitments of responsibility, wellbeing, self-discovery, and diversity and inclusion to guide their practice.


Recipients must meet the following eligibility requirements to be recognized:

  • Be current Division of Student Affairs employees.
  • Be full-time and budgeted at least 50% time.


  • Individual plaques
  • Team members will share a total cash award of $500
  • One team awarded

Nomination Requirements

  • Nomination Form
  • Two one-page letters of support

It is recommended that individuals compose the nomination letter in a Word document then cut and paste into the text boxes below. 

Nominations will not be accepted after February 20, 2017, 5:00pm CST.

The submission deadline has expired as of 5:00 pm February 20, 2017.

Past Award of Distinction (Team) Award Recipients

2015-2016: Student Conduct Office Team (Dayna Ford, Alyssa Leffall, Deb Griffin, Lori White, Joshua Isringhausen, Markisha Motton, Leslie Lowry)

2014-2015: New Student and Family Programs Team (Meredith Malnar, Erin Parks, Libby Daggers, Emily Ivey, Megan Higginbotham, Beth Hopkins, Chloe Toohey)

2013-2014: ACUI Region 12 Conference Host Team (Amanda Dyer, Amber Acosta, Amber Hopkins, Bill Cox, Cord McLean, Cruz Rios, Daisy Enggina, Dave Salmon, Doug Burns, Joani Groce, Katy King, Lyndon Pryor, Marisa Suhm, Melissa Lucas, P.J. Jones, Rick Greig, Stephen Senkel)

2012-2013: Back on TRAC Staffing Team (LaKisha Anderson, Allan Baron, Risa Bierman, Jessica Bowers, Justin Ellis, Dayna Ford, Kristen Harrell, Susan Kimbrough, Jill Kinison, Kyle McCracken, Lifa Minjares, LJ Moore, Lyndon Pryor, Dennis Reardon, Meredith Simpson)

2010-2011: Recreational Sports Ground Crew (Bob Marcotte, Brian Carey, Stanley Kolbasinski, David Smith, Gene Herr, Juan Mendez, Ross Pike, Brian Fettus)