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Recipients are recognized for their outstanding individual contributions on behalf of the Division of Student Affairs.

The selection committee considers, but is not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Contributions toward job excellence – demonstrating performance on the job that is consistently outstanding and frequently outside the normal scope of prescribed duties.
  • Innovation – demonstrating independent action and resourcefulness; encouraging new ideas and creativity; exhibiting leadership qualities within the context of position responsibilities; demonstrating other skills that exceed work expectations.
  • Utilization of the Division’s commitments of responsibility, wellbeing, self-discovery, and diversity and inclusion to guide their practice.


Recipients must meet the following eligibility requirements to be recognized:

  • Be a current Division of Student Affairs employee. All staff below the DSA Department Directors are eligible.
  • Be full-time and budgeted at least 50% time.
  • Have a minimum of six months of service, as of March 8, 2018, 11:45pm CST, in current department or any other department within the Division of Student Affairs.
  • Not have received a Division-level award at any of the previous three DSA Awards ceremonies (2015, 2016 or 2017).


  • J. Malon Southerland Award: the highest scoring award recipient will be awarded a $1000 cash award and memento
  • Award of Distinction (Individual): up to five individuals will each be awarded a $500 cash award and memento

Nomination Requirements

  • Nomination Form (A separate nomination form is not required)
  • Two one-page letters of support

Failure to follow nomination requirements exactly will result in a disqualified nomination. No exceptions will be made.

The nomination form will be open for submissions November 1, 2017 – March 8, 2018, 11:45pm CST.

This form is not yet available.

Past Award Recipients



  • Joseph Hartsoe, Disability Services
  • Paul Harwell, Disability Services
  • Jerrod Jackson, Recreational Sports
  • Alyssa Leffall, Offices of the Dean of Student Life
  • Christine Thoorsell, Residence Life


  • Amanda Flores, Memorial Student Center
  • Cory Arcak, Memorial Student Center
  • Jerod Wilson, Recreational Sports
  • Shanna Wright, Memorial Student Center
  • Stephanie Bullick, Disability Services


  • Paul Sikes, Music Activities
  • Sherry Nesbitt-Vallejo, Residence Life
  • Gerald Harris, Student Activities
  • Lauren Dorsett, Offices of the Dean of Student Life
  • Keith Joseph, Recreational Sports


  • Alicia Guevara, Disability Services
  • Susan Kimbrough, Offices of the Dean of Student Life
  • Cord McLean, Multicultural Services
  • Dayna Ford, Residence Life
  • Joani Groce, University Center Complex


  • Travis Almany, Office of the Commandant
  • Sarah Edwards, Student Activities
  • Dianne Kraft, Multicultural Services
  • Steve Laube, Residence Life
  • Raye Leigh Stone, Memorial Student Center

Past J. Malon Southerland Award Recipients

2015-2016: Emily Ivey, Offices of the Dean of Student Life

2014-2015: John Whittemore, University Center & Special Events

2013-2014: Jean Stanley, Music Activities

2012-2013: Gary Booth, Offices of the Dean of Student Life

2011-2012: Kelly VonDrehle, Recreational Sports