The vision of the Division of Student Affairs at Texas A&M University is to be a preeminent, student-centered division that inspires and prepares students for a life of learning, leadership, service, and citizenship in a global society.

Led by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Division’s 17 departments achieve this vision and contribute to student success by cultivating an environment of inclusivity and intellectual curiosity, promoting student health, safety and wellbeing, strategically leveraging resources for the future, investing in our organization and through advancing our profession.


In support of the Texas A&M University mission, the Division of Student Affairs contributes to student learning and development. We provide exceptional services, facilities, and programs that promote student success, embody the Aggie spirit, and foster a diverse and inclusive campus community to deepen the understanding and individual application of the Aggie Core Values – Loyalty, Integrity, Excellence, Leadership, Selfless Service and Respect.

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History of the Division

The Agricultural & Mechanical College of Texas was founded in 1876 as an all-male military institution. Membership in the Corps of Cadets was mandatory and the Corps Commandant was responsible for most student activities and students. By the 1950’s student population had grown to such an extent, President James Earl Rudder appointed Brig. Gen. James P. Hannigan as the first Dean of Students.

The new Dean of Students position signaled the beginning of a decade full of changes. The 1960’s saw the institution name changed to Texas A&M University, enrollment in the Corps of Cadets became voluntary, and women and African-American’s were admitted as students for the first time.

In anticipation of continued growth and diversification of the student body, President Jack K. Williams created a vice president position to oversee all student service functions on campus. He appointed Dr. John J. Koldus the first Vice President of Student Services in 1973. Dr. Koldus’ goal was to establish a Division of Student Services that would be fully equipped to meet the requirements of a rapidly growing student body.

Enrollment increased over the next three decades and the Division of Student Services continued to evolve in order to serve this larger, more diverse student population. After the retirement of Dr. Koldus in the early 1990’s, the newly appointed vice president, Dr. J. Malon Southerland received permission to change Division of Student Services to the Division of Student Affairs as an effort to reflect more accurately the breadth of the division’s mission.

After the change in name the Division of Student Affairs continued to grow and evolve along with the increasingly diverse student body. In the 13 years since Dr. Southerland’s retirement, the Division has seen five vice presidents. Dr. Bill Kibler was appointed interim Vice President for the Division of Student Affairs until Dr. Dean Bresciani was named in 2004. Dr. Bresciani oversaw the Division until 2008 and Dr. David W. Parrott was appointed interim. In 2008, Lt. Gen. Joseph Weber was appointed Vice President of the Division of Student Affairs. He oversaw the Division until 2014, when Mr. Tom Reber was appointed interim. In the summer of 2015, Dr. Daniel J. Pugh, Sr. became the newly appointed and current Vice President for the Division of Student Affairs.

The Division’s influence on the quality of the Texas A&M experience is evident throughout the 17 different departments now housed under the Division of Student Affairs. The Division recognizes the importance of a residential campus, student involvement, access to cultural experiences and strives to make an impact on student learning both in and out of the classroom.